How long does it take to charge an ipod touch?


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it takes about 1 hour to charge it for 80% and if you want it to be fully charge an iPod touch it take 2-3 hours, that's how long my iPod touch takes to charge hope that helps

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From 0% to 100% charge takes 4 hours on the iPod Touch 4th generation.

It shouldn't take long, you have to plug it into Itunes first and it should already have some charge at first!

Unfortunately, you will have to charge the iPod before use. However, it does not take very long. -Kristi

Take apple and orange and poke them with the wire and to your iPod

it takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge any type of ipod, and about 2 hours to charge 80%. hope thid helps!! XD

It would actually take maybe 20 min. To charge because i have one and it would charge quickly!

How long does it take to charge a touch kobo

it's takes half of hour to charge your ipod

My friend said it takes sometimes 20- 30 minutes for her's to charge but she also did say that it may take an hour to a few hours for an ipod to charge. My 4g ipod touch only takes about 10-20 minutes to charge but if it is fully dead i would say probably only 30-45 minutes!!!!!! totaly not 3 hours

Take the iPod Touch to USB cable that came with it, plug one end into your iPod and the other into the USB port on your computer. It must be on in order for it to charge.

i dont Know how many watt but i take 12 volts to charge an ipod 4g.

It takes one hour to charge it 80%, and three hours to fully charge your ipod.

I've never timed it, but it doesn't seem to take more than about 2-3 hours.

an hour because you have to do lots of other stuff with it. after that first day it takes about a half an hour to fully charge

About as long as a computer, maybe an hour.

You cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch. Yes. It depends on what generation the iPod Touch is.

mine takes AROUND 2-3 hours. depends if you are using it or not whilst it's charging. :)

No, it can't. No generation of iPod Touch (including the 8gb capacity iPod Touch) can take pictures.

The operating system has absolutely nothing to do with the charge time. The iPod nano should take about 3 hours to charge completely.

The fourth generation iPod Touch is the only iPod to be able to take pictures.

about 3 hours or at least for mine

No, so far there is no ipod touch that can take pictures. The ipod touch can only hold pictures that you download from your computer or the internet.

Can you take a dent out of the back of your ipod touch? without getting advice from apple

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