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How long does it take to drive from Alexandria Virginia to Arlingto Virginia?


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Center to center is 8 miles = 16 minutes drive time.

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By car: 14-18 hours. Depends which way you go.

Alexandria Movers offers local and long distance moving from or to Alexandria, Virginia. I am unaware of an Alexandria Movers in Texas.

MapQuest gives the estimated driving time as 13 hours and 12 minutes.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 9 hours and 22 minutes.

The distance from Alexandria, Virginia, to Cincinnati, Ohio, is approximately 500 miles. It will take about nine hours of driving time.

It depends on where in Indiana you start from and where in Virginia you go to.

how far of a drive is it from alexandria,louisiana to columbia,south carolina

It is an estimated drive of 1 hour and 11 minutes according to MapQuest.

it is 1,412 Miles or 2272 Kilometers about a 22 hour 58 Minute drive

About 8 and a half hours from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta.

It is 77.09 miles according to MapQuest and requires an estimated 1 hour and 21 minutes to drive.

ProbaBly about 8 to 12 hours it depends where u r at in Virginia

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 22 hours and 47 minutes.

it takes about an hour depending on traffic.

The distance is about 50 miles; driving time is around one hour.

The trip from Alexandria to Cincinnati should take no longer than 9 hours. I used to drive from Louisville, Ky (1.5 hrs southwest of Cinci) to DC within 10 hours.

Way to long lol...... from ohio to virginia is 8 hrs if u don't hit no traffic and stop a bunch

too long. take a plane to Reagan natl and its 15 min from airport

It depends where in Virginia and where in New Jersey? No more then six hours? Traffic pending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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