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Depends how many times you get kidnapped. Honestly, this is a genuinely unanswerable question. The hippies used to take about three or four months, but they stopped off at Tibet more often that not and anyway weren't allowed into China proper. Camels and mules on the Silk Road used to take about a year, but they only went to the Mediterranean, where the Venetians took over. Say 13 months altogether.

Today, well, there isn't really a road. Look at the map and try to find a route that doesn't go through a war zone. You'd have to go due North (avoiding Korea), turn left when your toes freeze and travel the entire width of Siberia. Of course, nowadays even getting from Siberia to Moscow is an extremely risky business.

So the answer is - no time at all.

The person who wrote what is above is an idiot. You don't have to go near Korea to drive to Beijing. You don't have to go through the Silk Road either. You can drive right through the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. It would take a long time and it is still a little dangerous, but it as bad as what the tool above has proposed.

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Q: How long does it take to drive from Beijing to Paris?
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