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It is about 409 miles from Minneapolis to Chicago. (MapQuest says it should be about 7 hours driving time.)

I used to make this round trip about every third week commuting between MSP and CHI.

Assuming you set the cruise control for ~5 mph over the speed limit and avoid rush hour on the CHI end, plan on about about 6.5 hours without stops or construction delays.

I do not recommend exceeding the speed limit in rural Wisconsin or Illinois by more than that; the police are bored and the fines are hefty.

There are a number of good options for a lunch stop north of Madison WI if you don't have time to drive into town.

If you do have time, need a longer break, or need to kill time to avoid the CHI rush hour, I highly recommend you sample the fare from the excellent pickings around the UW Madison campus.

The restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores there resemble those of Uptown and the West Bank in Minneapolis 20 years ago before the former became so commercialized and the latter so run down.

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2015-03-04 20:28:06
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Q: How long does it take to drive from Minneapolis to Chicago?
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