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1 second it takes to go to the Grand Canyon


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About 900 miles via Amarillo, Abuquerque and Flagstaff.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 15 hours and 16 minutes.

It is 941 miles according to Google Maps.

The Grand Canyon is not in any city. It is in the state of Arizona.

The Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon National Park is not located in any city, but is closely associated with Flagstaff, Arizona.

It's in AZ STUPID! Its in Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is bigger than any city. However it is located in Arizona near the city of Flagstaff.

The Grand Canyon is associated with Flagstaff which is the closest city with popular tourist amenities.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 20 hours and 20 minutes to Grand Canyon Village on the South rim.

2 Albright Ave, GRAND CANYON, AZ

It is an estimated 39 hours of driving time.

There is a Grand Canyon Village located on the South Rim.

Grand Canyon is located in Arizona

Google Maps estimates the driving time 40 hours.

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Flagstaff is 78.5 miles from the Grand Camyon Village.

No, the Grand Canyon is not in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake is in northern Utah. The Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern corner of the state of Arizona, near southern Utah and an area referred to as four corners.

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it is located in nourthwestern Arizona!!!

It is North of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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