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Shouldn't be more than a week or so, contact the issuing company.

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Q: How long does it take to find out if you are bondable?
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Is everyone bondable?

People with criminal records are not bondable.

What is the criteria for being bondable?

what is the criteria for being bondable?

Is a person bondable after being granted deferred adjudication for misdemeanor theft?

A person is bondable if they can find someone who will carry the bond. In this case, you can probably find someone to insure you, you just may have to pay a higher premium.

What does are you bondable mean?

Bondable usually means that an individual has no criminal record. Some companies also include credit history in the definition of bondable individuals.

Is a person still bondable after claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, a person is still bondable. They just have to be able to pay their bond or have a clear background check to be bondable.

If you have a felony are you bondable?

You are not bondable if you have a felony on your record. The insurance company doesn't want the risk that comes with bonding a felon.

Are you bondable in Ontario Canada if you have a conviction for assault?

Too be bondable in Ontario is (not have been found guilty of any criminal offenses related to theft or fraud) Having a criminal record alone does not necessarily exclude you from being bondable.

What do they mean when they ask 'Are you bondable' in a job interview or application?

Bondable means you do not have a criminal record, so when asked: "are you bondable?" and you have a clean record, answer "yes."You can also get around this if you've been pardoned for your offense. So you're also bondable if you went through the pardon process and had your record sealed. See related link below:

Constructing a question using how who which and what?

how long will it take to find out who stole what from which place? how long will it take to find out who stole what from which place?

Are you still bondable with a criminal background?

Depends on the state.

How does a person become bondable if they are not bondable?

That depends on the reason you do not qualify, but most are hard to change. Bad credit rating, history of drug or alcohol abuse, felony convictions?

Is a person bondable after being convicted with an assault charge?

Yes, a person is still bondable after being charged with an assault. A person is only unable to get bonded if charged with a felony.

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