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1 minute 1 minute 1 minute It takes longer than 1 minute to fly from Ottawa to Washingto DC....what is the correct answer?

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London England To Ottawa Canada: 7h:30

Well, I live in Ottawa, so not very much time at all.

It is 268.7 miles, or about 5 hours, 28 minutes.

Departure point: Ottawa, CanadaDestination point: Vancouver, CanadaEstimated flight duration: 4 hours, 37 minutes

A long few days probably not long by plane if you do take a plane fly air Canada

Canada is 3559 miles away and it depends where you're flying to in Canada, when i flew to Ottawa from Heathrow it took about 8hours.

Approximately 12-13 hours according to mapquest

It is 429 miles between the cities of Boston, MA and Ottawa, Canada. The estimated drive time between these locations is 8 hours and 6 minutes.

It's about 330 miles/530km, or approx. 10 hours by car.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 7 hours and 49 minutes.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 16 hours and 32 minutes.

It would take about 3 hours to drive from Ottawa, Canada to Picton, Canada. There is approximately 169 miles between both locations.

Canada Post delivers mail between provinces within 4-7 business days.

From takeoff to touchdown, a flight from Ottawa to Toronto would take about an hour.

It will take 4 hours and 50 minutes to drive from Hamilton, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario.