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As long as it took to bang your mom

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Atlantis Paradise Island is a mega-resort and waterpark found on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. It has arguably the greatest waterscapes and asthetics of any hotel in the country. It has a long sandy beach and a series of connected lake, rivers and waterfalls.

Long Island is in the Bahamas. Clarence Town is the capital of Long Island. Nassau is the capital city of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

It will take 3 hours by plane to go to Bahamas from Toronto. ,from SebCbass

Clarence Town is the capital of Long Island, an island in the Bahamas. (see related question)

Clarence Town is the capital of Long Island, an island in the Bahamas.

The flight time from Toronto, Canada to George Town, Bahamas is: 3 hours, 19 minutes

People can travel from the Bahamas north to the Toronto, Canada Pearson airport in about 3 hours by plane. There is 1,352 miles between the two locations.

According to HowManyHours around 3 hours.

Its a small town on Long Island in the Bahamas.

Yes it is. It is practiced in various areas in The Bahamas such as : Cat Island Mayaguana Acklins Crooked island Long Cay

It is the Bahamas, since the Tropic of Cancer passes through one of the Bahamas' islands, called Long Island.

21 miles long & 7 miles wide

Crooked island ,Long island ,Ragged island ,Cat island , Habour island,San Salvodor

17 hours to drive from Toronto to prince edward island

Departure point: Toronto, OntarioDestination point: Long Island, New YorkEstimated flight duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes

a typical flight will take anywhere from 3-4 hours from Toronto to the Bahamas. Compared to other islands such as Jamaica or Trinidad and Trinidad which take on average 6 hours. enjoy the flight :)

In the Bahamas the currency used is the Bahamian Dollar. That being said, US Dollars are widely accepted on the islands. As long as you're in a touristy area like Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport you'll also be able to make use of credit cards and ATMs.

Approximate flight duration time from Toronto, Canada to Kiribati Island or Christmas Island is: 13 hrs, 24 minutes.

eleuthera exuma long island cat island san salvador

Search for Paradise Trailways, the schedules are there

The only North American islands crossed by the Tropic of Cancer are Little Exuma Island and Long Island, both members of the Bahamas. The outline of the Caribbean is rather vague, but I think it does include the Bahamas.

It is in various areas in the bahamas cat island mayaguanan Acklins crooked island long cay

The islands that make up The Bahamas are Bimni, Cat Island, Andros, Inaguas, Long Island, Eusmas, Nassau (N.P.), Grand Bahama Island, San Salvador, Crooked Ialsnd, Mayaguana, Acklins, Abaco, Harbour Island, and Eleuthera.

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