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It takes around the 7 hours.


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It takes about 3 hours from New York to the dominican republic Punta Cana.

about 3 in a half hours give of take...... YOUR WELCOME

The flight time is 8 hours, 36 minutes.

The distance between Denver and Punta Cana is 4210 km/2616 miles and a non-stop flight would take 5 hours and 14 minutes, if you can find one.

It will take about 9 hours. Best regards, Andy

around 9 - 9 1/2 hours, its a long flight but well worth it!

Rent a car, take a bus... It's a straight shot on Rte. 3

It is about an hour and a half from Tampa to Punta Gorda.

About 1.5 hours. Tel Aviv and Cana are 115km apart.

It depends on what your budget is and when you are traveling, but generally it should take NONSTOP: 5-7 hours, but with ONE STOP: 8-10 hours, and with MULTIPLE STOPS: 12-21 hours! One stop will be most common.

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This 3,684 mile flight will take you aproximately 7 hours and 33 minutes, allowing for 15 minutes of taxi time on both ends of the flight. To check flight times between any of 9,000 International and Domestic airports, visit This service is absolutely free.

Alternate Wordings for 'How long does a flight from Madison Wiscon sin take to get to San Francisco California?

Usually a flight will take around 3-4 hours one way. Time in dominican republic is one hour faster than Toronto i.e. if it is 3:30pm in Toronto, it will be 4:30pm in the dominican. My flight left at 16:25 and I arrived in Punta Cana at 20:35, therefore it was around 3 hours.

If you are in Denver, then it would take 1 hour and 54 minutes to fly to San Francisco.

It is approximately 7km (less than 5 miles) from Nazareth to Cana. For Jesus and His disciples to walk that distance it would likely have taken them less that 1 hour. John 2: 1.

It would take about 5 hours to fly from San Francisco to Hawaii.

It took three years to build san francisco solano.

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