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How long does it take to get a drivers license in Michigan?


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It does not take very long to get a drivers license in Michigan. A person must be of age, have insurance and take the test. Assuming they have all the documents and pass the test it should only take 30 minutes.


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Since you license is expired you'll have to take the drivers test like the teenagers. Try getting your license renewed in Michigan and then transfer it to Tennessee. Hope this helps.

Yes as long as she has her drivers license.

Go to the DMV apply to take the test. After completion of test and payment you will be rewarded with a drivers license!

Anyone under 18 must take boaters safety. If your over -8 you must have a valid drivers license

As of 2013, a person who has a suspended drivers license in Alabama and moves to Georgia cannot get a drivers license there. They have to take care of the drivers license in Alabama first.

1903 Missouri and Massachusetts required drivers to have a license, no record of what, if any, test had to taken. 1954 Michigan first required drivers under 18 to take a drivers education course.

There is no way to answer this question. It takes as long as your state's DMV takes to process and produce it.

No, if you are 16 or older you just have to take a written test for a moped license. You do not need a driver's license though. **Michigan requires that ages 15 to 19 wear motorcycle helmets by law** at age 15 you are required to apply for a moped license...if your over 16 you can use your drivers license and do not need a moped license, under 15yrs old you would need a moped license no testing is required above 19yrs old but you do need a regular drivers license, in 2007 Michigan changed the law requiring ALL 50cc or lower displacement to be registered as a moped. It use to be all 49cc and under require it, and a 50cc was a motorcycle... Michigan raised it to 50cc instead.

Ther is no law that says you have to take drivers ed. Or even get a drivers license for that matter.

When going to the motor vehicle be prepared to spend a long time so take a book or something to entertain yourself the lines are very long.

No matter how long a person has had a permit. You have to take a driving course test to get a license.

Yes, you will need to take a drivers education class either in school or in a private class to get your license in the state of Florida.

If you take drivers' ed, you have to be 16 and 6 months. If you do not take drivers' ed, you have to be 16 and 9 months.

It is my understanding in Illinois that the Secretary of State who issues drivers' licenses is the only body that can revoke a drivers' license.

Yes you can get your license when your 18 in Washington state if you didnt take a drivers education class. Your insurance rates will be higher. Drivers education is required for people Under the age of 18 to get their license

Generally a month or two after the interview but it can take much longer, for some it will take forever if they are not approved.

At 18+ you do not need to take the learners class [drivers ed] you can directly take the test for getting your license.

No, Kentucky has no grace period for renewing a drivers license. If the license is not renewed by the last day it is valid, you can still get your license, but you have to take the written test again.

Yes if she/he has a drivers license

Yes, if you do too many traffic offenses the VA can take away your license.

Which course must first-time drivers in Florida take to be eligible for their Learner License?

In the state of Indiana you do have to take the drivers ed class at the age of 14. In Indiana you can have your drivers license at the age of 16.

First of all you have to be 16 and a half to get a permit. After that, you have to wait nine months to get your license. Road and range only takes about two weeks.

8 months if you take a drivers education course or 12 months if you dont.

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