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well it takes 7 months to grow onions in pots and 9 months in the ground i hope my advic e has helped everyone who has looked at this answer!

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How Long do spring onions take to grow?

a year maybe less, depends if you plant the seed or the bulb

How long for spring onions to grow?

9 week

How long does it takes onions to grow in water?

a while

Where do onions grow?

onions grow under the soil

How long does it take to grow onions runescape?

onion seeds take 40 minutes to grow fully but they change every 10 minutes. you have to wait the full 40 minutes till you can harvest them. Josh

How long does it take for cherries to grow?

how long does it take for cherries to grow

Do you wash onions?

Yes, because onions grow out of the ground

Do onions grow into plants?

yes they do they grow like corn then they get 5 to 10 onions around the top.

Can you grow onions in your belly button?

Yes, as long as you have soil, water, and an onion sprout, you can indeed grow an onion in your belly button.

Are onions grow in Ecuador?


In what countries do onions grow?

You can grow onions in almost any country. Like Spain, Mexico, USA, etc...

Did they grow onions in the 1800s?

Onions have been grown for thousands of years.

Where do onions import from?

Italy, Romania, and the US grow lots of onions.

Where in the world do onions grow?

Onions are cultivated and used around the world.

How did Mesopotamian's grow onions?

Farmers in Mesopotamia learned to successfully grow onions by irrigating the crops. Onions were a favorite crop that the Mesopotamians grew along with leeks and lentils.

Do onions grow well in greenhouses?

It really depends on what types of onions, but yes all onions can grow well in greenhouses. Some onions require certain periods of cold so the greenhouse would have to allow for that (shallots, garlic, and potato onions are all examples).

How are onions produced?

They grow in the ground

Can you grow onions in England?


How long does it take a canine tooth to grow?

as long as any other tooth would take to grow!!

How tall can onions grow?

they can grow up to 6 ft tall.

How long for pseudomonas to grow?

how long does it take pseudomonas to grow in a bottle of water?

How long does it take for a orange plant to grow?

it take 7 months to grow

How long does pomegranates take to grow?

pomegranates take 10 weeks to grow

How long does it take for a carp to grow to full size?

how long does it take for a baby carp to grow full size

What does Nevada grow?

hay garli and onions

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