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How long does it take to send a parcel from Iran to netherland?


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1 to 14 days or more

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Can I send money from Iran to Ghana

from a week to 15 days depending on your packages weight, etc.

The only way to send money to Iran is with the ZTransfer Inc. company. It is the only international company (bank) that allows you send money to Iran.

No, you can send money to Iran through a Western Union money transfer. The company does not have a branch in Iran.

I've just received a package via parcel post. I wish you could just send yourself to me via parcel post!

You can send money from Iran to Oman by using a specific bank to bank transfer. This involves finding a bank that is in both Oman and Iran.

You should send nonnegotiable instruments by United Parcel Service.

A 5 kilo parcel to Texas from Sydney costs AU$90.00

That will depend somewhat on whether the parcel is sent regular mail, airmail, sea mail, etc. I used to send parcels to England, and it usually took several weeks. rdg

That will depend on where in the world you are sending the parcel from and the size, weight and contents of the parcel, and also how you are sending it, like by regular post or a faster post method or by a courier.

I want to send money through western union money transfer from Iran to Malaysia?

A northwest passage around northern America.

yes just don't say what's in the parcel!

No, you can send money to Iran through a Western Union money transfer. There is no address for Western Union in Iran because there is not a Western Union branch in Iran.

You can send money to Iran from Oman by using the Rialex service. This is a bit more complicated than wire transfers but it does allow you to send money to countries that a normal wire transfer will not work in.

You may not use priority mail materials for shipping items via parcel post.

Red roses means LOVE. Send red roses to Iran.

let the sender to write a low value and pack the parcel small. If you have a big parcel, separate in two parcels and send in different day.

before you send it you should consider the following factors how much you are willing to pay if your parcel is quite heavy it would be cheaper to book a flight and go there yourself you lazy cow

you need to quote the weight and if large, the dimensions as well

For destinations overseas we send all parcels by Air Mail.

You can't send a parcel to an E-mail adress, can you? That is what a physical address is for.

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