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15-20 minutes. but you can leave it on longer if desired bc it just deposits color and isn't damaging.

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Q: How long does shades eq hair color take to process?
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Redken hair color shades e q clear How long do you leave it on?

20 Min

How long do you leave redken hair color on?

redken color fusion (permanent)- 35 minutes redken shades eq (demi-permanent)- 25 minutes

Is it okay to dye your hair from a lighter color to a darker color?

I have dark hair but know hair pretty well. For example, my friend had blond hair and died it to brown. When you dye hair, the old color goes down to the end of your hair, so it will be lighter on the bottom. If you wash your hair the color will get lighter. If you dye your hair darker when it's light, your hair will be different shades and the dye usually doesn't stay in long. Also dying your hair that aggressively isn't healthy for your hair.

How long do you leave shades e q clear on the hair?

20 mins

How long to leave on redken shades eq?

Redken Shades EQ should be left on the hair for 20 minutes at room temp. If heat is added, leave on hair for 15 minutes.

How long do you keep dark and lovely hair color in your hair?

if you want to keep you hair color wash you hair with soap

How long does it take to dye blonde hair red?

It depends on what was previously put on your hair. Color cannot lift color, it would be best for you to go to a salon professional and let them do a complete consultation with you. It also depends on the brand of hair color that is being used, each brand has a specific time to to let the hair color process.

What color is Ali's hair?

Ali's hair is blonde and long.... lol

How do you color short hair?

same procedure as you would with long hair.

How long do you keep hair-dye on your eyebrows to get them to be the same color as the dye used to color your hair?


How does water hardness affect the color of hair dye or how long the color lasts?

In general, the hardness of municipal water has little effect on the color of hair dye or on how long it lasts.

How long does permanent hair color stay in your hair?

The color will fade slightly, but permanent hair color will stay in your hair until it grows out or you strip it.. Roughly 6-8 weeks depending.

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