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A sperm cell lives inside the Vagina, searching for the egg and dies after 48 hours after be ejaculated from the penis if it does not find the egg.

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X and Y sperm live for just as long - up to 5 days

Sperm can live and be active in the vagina for at least three days.

Sperm can live inside of a female for up to five days after intercourse.

Inside the vagina, a sperm can live for up to five days depending on the conditions.

24 hours but the sperm can live inside up to 5 days.

How long does male sperm live

A healthy strong male dog's sperm can last up to 7 days.

Healthy sperm may live up to five days.

They can live in the uterus 5-6 days.

In right vaginal environment , it can live up to 5 days.

Sperm can live in the uterus for 5-6 days. It doesn't matter if she is on top or not.

About 2 days, as long as there are no contaminants. Salt is a killer.

The average sperm cell survives for about three days (72 hours), however in some cases sperm cells have been know to survive as long as 6 days. That's why we use condoms!!!

Sperm carrying an X chromosome can live about 5 days inside of a woman's body. They tend to live longer than sperm carrying Y chromosomes.

Sperms survive for 3 days/72 hours in a female body. sperm can live for up to 3 days after it is released into the female Sperm can live up to 48 hours in the woman's body. The conditions need to be right though. And not all of them survive that long. A lot of them die long before then.

Sperm can live inside the female body for up to 5 days. Many of the sperm die off after 24 to 48 hours though.

Sperm can typically live about 3 days in the female reproductive tract.

Five to seven days, usually, but there are always exceptions!

After ejaculation in vagina sperm can usually survive for maximum 4 days

Sperm can live inside the vagina up to 5 days. However outside of the vagina they only live for a few minuets to a few hours when the oxygen hits them.

Sperm can live inside the body for anywhere from 4 to 6 days.

Sperm can live for five days after ejaculation. Pap smears and urinalysis do not report the presence or absence of sperm.

Sperm can not live in water. This is merely a myth.Sperm will die when it comes into contact with air.Sperm can live no longer than a few seconds in water.Sperm lives for up to 5 days in a Womans body.Ok so whoever answered ^ that is totally wrong. First of all sperm do NOT die when it comes into contact with air. That's the myth right there. Sperm can live up to 15 minutes sometimes once its outside of the body. Sperm die once you dry it. Sperm can live in water as well but not for too long, specially if there's chemicals involved. I only agree that sperm can live for up to 5 days in a Woman's vagina.

Chlamydia does not affect how long sperm can live in a woman.

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