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How long does the Great White Spot storm last?

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They last about a month and can be seen about every 30 earth years.

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The great white spot is a stom that last how long?

i think the great white spot lasts approximately a year.

Why did the Great Dark Spot on Neptune disappear?

In 1989, Voyager 2 flew by Neptune and photographed a Great Dark Spot about the size of Earth. Like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the Great Dark Spot was probably a giant storm. But the storm didn't last long. Images taken fice years later showed that the Great Dark Spot was gone.

What is the large known for the great red spot?

Jupiter has had a great red spot for as long as telescopes have been trained on it - i.e., for at least the last 400 years. The great red spot (which is a storm) seems to be disappearing, though.

How long does the Great White Spot last?

The Great White Spot shows up on Saturn about every 30 Earth years and it always looks like a bright spot of light. The Great White Spot only lasts about a month though so it's something not to be missed.

How long does a Great White Spot last?

It lasts for 1 billion years.

What is the great red spot is on neptune?

The "Great Red Spot" that you are referring to is actually on Jupiter. The red spot is a violent storm that has been raging for at least 400 years. Neptune is known to show Great Dark Spots, which are very similar to the great red spot on Jupiter. However, these storms tend to only last a few years.

What caused Jupiter's great red spot?

the red dot of jupiter is in fact a giant storm that has been raging for the last 300 years

What is the great red spot observed on Jupiter?

the great red spot is an anti cyclonic storm like a hurricane on earth, but massive. 3 of earth would fit within its boundaries. it has been going on for the last 400 years humans have observed it

Did the Great Dark Spot on Neptune form from volcanoes?

No. Neptune is a gas giant, it has no solid surface. Therefore no volcanoes can form on the planet. The Great Dark Spot is an anticyclonic storm, just like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Unlike Jupiter's Great Red Spot which has lasted for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years, the Great Dark Spots of Neptune last only a handful of years before vanishing. See the related link below.

What is that big red spot on Jupiter?

the great red spot is an anti cyclonic storm like a hurricane on earth, but massive. 3 of earth would fit within its boundaries. it has been going on for the last 400 years humans have observed it

What are the similarities of jupiters great red spot and neptunes great dark spot?

They are both large, raging storms last for hundreds of years.

What is the red spot on planet Jupiter?

It is a constant storm. Storms on Jupeter can last several years, decades, even centuries.

How long does the great dark spot on Neptune last?

2 earth years

Did the great red spot last long?

Yes, at least 400 years.

How long does a storm on Jupiter last?

Varies, but we know of one cyclone that's lasted at least 300 years (the red spot).

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Which planet has a large reddish spot?

The Planet Is Jupiter, The Reddish Spot Is Called The 'Eye'.The best known feature of Jupiter is the Great Red Spot, a persistent Anticyclonic Storm located 22° south of the equator that is larger than Earth. It is known to have been in existence since at least 1831, and possibly since 1665. Mathematical models suggest that the storm is stable and may be a permanent feature of the planet. The storm is large enough to be visible through Earth-based telescopes with an aperture of 12 cm or larger.The ovall object Rotates counterclockwise, with a period of about six days.The Great Red Spot's dimensions are 24-40,000 km × 12-14,000 km. It is large enough to contain two or three planets of Earth's diameter.The maximum altitude of this storm is about 8 km above the surrounding cloudtops.Storms such as this are common within the turbulent atmospheres of gas giants.Jupiter also has white ovals and brown ovals, which are lesser unnamed storms. White ovals tend to consist of relatively cool clouds within the upper atmosphere. Brown ovals are warmer and located within the "normal cloud layer". Such storms can last as little as a few hours or stretch on for centuries.Even before Voyager proved that the feature was a storm, there was strong evidence that the spot could not be associated with any deeper feature on the planet's surface, as the Spot rotates differentially with respect to the rest of the atmosphere, sometimes faster and sometimes more slowly. During its recorded history it has traveled several times around the planet relative to any possible fixed rotational marker below it.In 2000, an atmospheric feature formed in the southern hemisphere that is similar in appearance to the Great Red Spot, but smaller. This was created when several smaller, white oval-shaped storms merged to form a single feature-these three smaller white ovals were first observed in 1938. The merged feature was named Oval BA, and has been nicknamed Red Spot Junior. It has since increased in intensity and changed color from white to red

What is the name of the hole on Juipter?

The Great Red Spot is a anti-cyclonic storm that has been going for at least the last 400 years it has been observed. It is anti-cyclonic in that it is in the southern hemisphere, rotates in the opposite direction of a terrestrial cyclone, and is a high pressure system rather than a low pressure system.