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The average person spends approximately an hour a day waiting in line, which totals to about 2 to 3 years in a lifetime.

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When was Waiting Outside the Lines created?

Waiting Outside the Lines was created on 2010-10-26.

When was American Cruise Lines created?

American Cruise Lines was created in 1991.

When was American President Lines created?

American President Lines was created in 1848.

What do reserves in football do?

they sit on the side lines waiting to be put on the pitch to play

What is the Number of emploted by American air lines in us?

what is the number of employed by american air lines in the us?

How many lines does a piece of paper have?

Sometimes it has lines, sometimes it is blank. If it has lines, an average of 33/35 lines.

What are the lines that run east to west?

People waiting to board the north/south trains.

Name a place where they keep you waiting?

dental and medical offices (waiting for scheduled appointments)hospital emergency roomsgrocery store check out linespharmaciesdriver's license renewal officesamusement parks (long lines for popular rides)fast food restaurant drive-thru lines

What benefits does skating have to the elderly?

You can skip the hospital waiting-lines by entering through the emergency wing.

What was soup kitchen anda bread lines?

The SOUP KITCHEN was a places where food is offered free to the needy. And BREAD LINES was a lines of people waiting to receive fodd provided by charitable organizations or public agencies..

How many lines are on a fingerprint?

There is an average of 42-50 lines on a human fingerprint.

How long is a stanza?

It can be from 2 to 16 lines. The average Stanza is 4-6 lines.

Is greyson chance famous?

Yes Greyson Chance is famous because of his song Waiting Outside The Lines

What was greyson chance's first single?

Greyson Chance's first single was called Waiting Outside the Lines.

Which rhyme scheme does the poet use in Waiting for Spring?

The first and third lines of each stanza rhyme.

Name a place where people wait in line?

People spend many hours of their life waiting in lines. Some of these places are, stores, restaurants, amusement parks, and waiting to use the bathroom.

What year did American Airways change its name to American Airlines?

In 1934 American Airways was renamed "American Air Lines".

When you shop at GUM in Moscow do you still have to wait on 3 lines?

GUM is the large impressive looking department store building on the north east side of Red Square opposite Lenin's Tomb. The shops and merchandise are high quality and probably beyond the means of the average Russian. I experienced no lines and no waiting, quite the opposite.

Is greyson chance's song waiting outside the lines new?

Greyson chance is not real but Justin bierber is new

Will greyson chance be on Disney Channel?

He was on "So Random" it was the 2nd episode and at the end he performed "Waiting outside the lines."

Did Cornwallis send men with chickenpox into the American lines to make them sick?

No, Cornwallis sent men with smallpox into American lines to make the sick, during the battle of Yorktown.

What two special lines of latitude cross North America?

What 2 lines of latitude cross north American

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