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The average house fly lives to be about 1-2 months old. That includes the average of swatted flys.It shouldn't stay for long and another idea that may help would be letting it out of the house if it stays for too long.

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Q: How long does the common house fly live?
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Where does the house fly live?

The house fly can be found basically anywhere, it is the most common type of fly we encounter in our everyday lives.

How long can a fly live in a house?

as long as it takes the fly to have larvae or even longer than that

How long does house fly usually live?

For about two weeks.

How long does an average house fly live?

15-25 days

How long does a fly live in a house?

Once house flies emerge from their pupa state they live approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the genus of the common house fly?

Musca. The common house fly is scientifically named Musca domestica.

How long does a house fly live?

About a week as larvae (maggots) and two weeks to a month as adults.

What is the most common fly?

House fli.

What is the common housefly?

a fly that you find in your house

What are the 5 insects that live just for a day?

1: Common House Fly 2: Mosquito (Florida state bird)

How can you control the common house fly?

Get a fly swatter. That will control it really quick.

What is the lifespan of common house fly?

unil you kill it

How long does a fly live for?

House flies live to 5 weeks and poo flies live up to 3 weeks I breed flies! poo and house and blue bottles i love flies so much they are the perfect pet ever you dont have to feed them, my house is welcome to all flies i have never killed a fly on purpose

What metric unit would you use to measure a common house fly?

A common house fly is a very small animal. In order to get an accurate measurement, you would have to use millimeters.

What insect is big and black that gets in your house?

I don't know about your house, but at my house that would be a common house fly.

How long does a fly live?

a fly can live for 27 hours... (only if they eat European apple)

How long does an average fly live?

There are many kind of flies. The common housefly lives about half a month to a month in the wild.

Is a common house fly endangeard?

No, not at all. There are more common house flies than most of really want to deal with.

What is the prey of a common house fly?

How I am I suppose to know. Ask them

What insect has lapping mouthparts?

The common house fly is one of them

What is the scientific class for a common house fly?

Class Insecta

What is the difference between a cluster fly and a house fly?

Cluster flies are slightly larger than the common house fly. The main difference is in the sucking parts used in the mouth.

How long does a tsetse fly live?

A Tse Tse fly will live generally from One to Three months.

How long do swallows fly for?

As long as they live/work ofcourse.

How long to fly from Dubai to Thailand?

seven house

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