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technically as long as they like

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Q: How long does the courts have to give a trial date?
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How long does the state have to give you a prelimary hearing?

Depending on the docket load of the court this may vary - so-called "speedy trial" rules apply to a "reasonably" quick trial date but give no specific guidance as to the intermediate steps in the process from presentment to trial.

How long does the courts have to set a date for someone who was arrested to go to court?

For arraignment, you must be presented at the next regularly scheduled session of court. After arraignment, under "speedy trial" rules - although they may differ slightly from state-to-state - you must usually go to trial within 90 days. However, if your attorney agrees to waive "speedy," your trial date may be postponed however long your attorney agrees to. If you believe that you have been waiting overly-long for your trial, check with your attorney.

How long Casey Anthony jailed before trial?

Casey Anthony was in jail for 3 years awaiting her trial date.

How long between arrest and court date?

This depends on the jurisdiction. Different areas have different rules about how long you can be held without trial.

How long does a Missouri judge have till the case goes out of jurisdiction?

Courts do not have time limits on jurisdiction. If the case is in the jurisdiction of a state trial court, it stays there forever.

Is it true or false that one reason bail is set is that it is easier for defendants to prepare for trial outside of jail?

False, courts issue bail to force appearance for the later court dates. If a defendant does not appear, they forfeit their bail percentage; money talks. As to having time to prepare, courts don't care if you are in jail or not, as long as you are back on the required date(s).

How long can you be out on bail before they have to give you a court date?

The timeframe depends on what state you reside in. In most cases it can range from 90 to about 120 days. If your attorney has waived "speedy trial" it can be even longer. If you are represented by an attorney ask them.

How long before trial begins?

The length of time before a court trial varies. The time before a court date is set is determined by the court docket and time needed to prepare for a case.

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How long does it take for the courts to decide on a judicial release?

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How long do you have to wait for divorce to be final after you file in CALIF?

From the date you file, there is a 6 month law within the courts of Calif. until your divorce is final.

How long does a judge have to sentence someone in a speedy trial?

"Speedy" trial does not apply to the sentencing portion of the trial.

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How long can you be held without a trial?

The answer to that quesion is a moveable target. (in the US) AS A GENERAL STATEMENT: You must be presented to court within 72 hours of your arrest. Once that criteria is met, the "speedy trial" rule kicks in and you are under a 90-day time limit to be presented for trial. HOWEVER, certain extenuating circumstances can occur to delay the actual start of the trial itself. The prosecution may request, and be granted, additional time to gather the evidence in the case and prepare for trial. But - WHAT IS MORE LIKELY TO OCCUR, is that the DEFENSE attorney requests a continuance so that THEY can prepare for trial. So long as the defense attorney keeps requesting, or agreeing to, continuances the trial can be postponed and put off. As long as the requests and grants are made part of the courts record it is possible that this could occur several times prior to the case actually going to trial.

How long does a federal judge of the constitutional courts serve?

A federal judge of the Constitutional Courts can serve a lifetime sentence once they are appointed to their position. However, a federal judge can be removed, impeached, or convicted forcing them to give up their position on the bench.