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This food will keep for about 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. Place the food in an air tight container or plastic pitcher for the best results. Never store vegetable juices in the can in the refrigerator.

I store my juice in the fridge in a plastic bottle and I have noticed after a few days pressure starts to develop in the bottle. I can't find anything about this, but I would say it happens when the juice is starting to go bad.

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How long is tomato juice good for once opened?

Once tomato juice is opened,it depends on how good you will preserve it.

How long can juice stay fresh once opened?

It depends on the manufacturer, how long the juice has been, and the quality of the air.

How long can orange juice stay fresh if it is not refrigerated?

Orange juice that is opened does not stay fresh for long if it is not refrigerated. You should not drink it if it has been out for longer than a couple of hours.

How long does opened tomato juice stay fresh in a plastic container?

it will last about 2 or 3 weeks ..It's normal for it to separate during this process Note - just shake it and taste it before using it to assure it's fresh if

How long for fresh tomato juice?

Tomato juice is a high acid prodoct. It is necessary to bring it up to temperature to soften the tomatoes to make it easier to process them. Simmering them for ten to fifteen minutes should suffice.

How long will opened tomato juice stay safe to eat stored in fridge?

If it was canned tomato juice, pour it into a plastic pitcher with a tight-fitting lid. If it was bottled tomato juice, keep the bottle tightly closed. Either way, kept refrigerated, it's good for two weeks that way.

How long can tomato juice stay fresh in refrigerator?

Check the expiration date, usually in small black letters on the bottle or jar.

How long do you leave tomato juice on your face to clear acne for?

you can leave tomato juice on for 10 min. tomato juice is good for blackheads and acne. use it daily/everyday

What is the difference between long life juice and normal fresh juice?

there is more vitamin c in normal fresh uice than long life juice

How long does it take for tomato juice to go bad?

Hi, it takes it least 2 to 3 days it least to the tomato to root and the juice.

What is the difference between fresh concentrated apple juice and long life concentrated apple juice?

The difference between fresh consentrated apple juice and long life consentranted jucie is that fresh apple juice is fresher and it also dosn't have some of the ingreedients that long life apple juice has( to make it last longer). so if you want the healthier option go with fresh concentrated juice.

How long does it take for a apple to rot?

how long for a apple to rot with salt and tomato juice on it?

What are the chemicals in tomato juice?

The list is long; see the link below.

How long is tomato juice good?

At least 2 weeks in the fridge.

What is the side effects of always drinking tomato juice?

after a long research , studies approved that tomato juice causes aches for the man testicles , and it might lower the body's testosterone

How long does smoked fish stay fresh?

Smoked fish does. of stay fresh long after it is opened. It is recommended that after being opened and refrigerated it not be kept or consumed for more than three days.

How long does fresh squeezed lemon juice last in the fridge?

Fresh squeezed lemon juice will last in the fridge for about three days. That is as long as it's stored in a tightly sealed container.

How long does canned pumpkin stay good in the refrigerator?

As long as it's not opened, in the can, it will stay fresh, a very long time. If opened in the can, please dispose of it, you can get poisoned.

What happens if you drink unrefrigerated prune juice after it has been opened?

Prune juice on its own has flushing effects on the digestive system. Opened, unrefrigerated prune juice is seen as potentially dangerous to drink depending on how long it has been left out, or how old the juice is.

How long will fresh apple juice stay fresh?

till 16 hours maybe well if u have it in the refrigerator it will be fresh always

How long does skunk odor last?

If you dont bathe in tomato juice it will smell really bad

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