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How long does your UV light need to stay on for your turtles?

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I have read that turtles need UV light 10-14 hours a day. What i do is when i wake up i put it on, then turn it off in the evening sometime, around 6-7. That gives them the right amount of time.

2006-10-23 23:11:12
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How long can semi aquatic turtles stay out of water?

Forever, they just need to stay moist.

How long can painted turtles stay out of water?

They can stay out of water for as long as they want.

Does a turtles light have to stay on all the time?


How long can slider turtles stay in water?

Forever. How long can they stay alive underwater? It depends.

How long do baby turtles stay in their shell?

it depends how long they live......

How long can sea turtles stay underwater?

Sea turtles can stay in the water for approximately 5 hours before getting air.

How long can yellow belly turtles stay under water?

Yellow belly turtles can stay in the water for at least 30 mins .

Can all turtles swim?

yes box turtles do swim but they can drown if they stay in water to long

What you do need to know about water turtles?

You need to know how long a water turtle can stay under water for because he or she could drownd at young age!

How long can sea turtles stay under water before coming up for air?

sea turtles can stay underwater for about 5 hours

What do sea turtles need to stay alive?

Air, seaweed, and stay out of the way of jaws.

Do you need to turn off your turtles light at night?

Yes. You want to re-create their natural environment to the best of your abilities. It doesn't stay light out all night in nature does it?

How long can turtles stay out in air?

depending on witch kind of turtle you have is the truth if u have a land turtle they can stay out for about 20 hours sea turtles can stay out for about 4 hours

How long can baby turtles stay in water without air?

My baby turtle sleep underwater. They need to be able to get on land and in fact they enjoy it! My turtles do fine out of water for an hr or more because they also sleep out of water. Turtles need time out of their terrarium so they can work out.

How long do baby box turtles have to stay with mommy?

Box turtles hatch from an egg and their mothers are long gone. They never see their mother.

How long can sea turtles stay on land?

im asking you not me you x

Can snapping turtles breathe underwater?

No, but they can stay underwater for a long time.

How long can slider bellied turtles stay out of the water?

about a week maybe

How long do sea turtles stay in their eggs?

About 5-8 weeks.

How long do the turtles stay with their mom?

They don't. They hatch and head for the sea.

What do turtles need?

Turtles need food, water, shelter, heat and proper lighting. You can take them out of the warmth for a while to play or something but for the most part they need to be in heat. To do this you should keep a special heat lamp made just for reptiles on top of it's cage. Turtles need UVA and UVB light in order to properly digest their food and stay healthy.

How long can turtles stay underwater?

yes it is normal for a turtle to stay underwater very long time especially when they are young it will come out sometime

What time do leopard geckos go out?

when ever as long as no turtles are around. They come out whenever they want day and night they usually stay in places where there is light and lots of bugs.

How long can sea turtles stay under water?

up to 5 hours

How long do painted turtles stay under water?

25 - 30 minutes