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Q: How long does your hair have to be to perm it?
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How long does a perm stay in?

A perm is permanent. It doesn't matter about the straightness of your hair. A perm breaks down the bonds in the hair that make it straight. The perm will last until your hair grows out.

Who invented the hair perm?

madam jasmine invented the hair perm in 1365! wow that was a long long time ago!

How long after a perm can you wash your hair?

usually 2 days depending on the perm itself

How long do you have to wait to get a perm after you wash your hair?

Wash your hair before you perm, but don't use conditioner. Damp hair is easier to wrap around perm rollers, and it's going to be a while before you can re-wash your hair after the perm!After the perm is finished, do not wash your hair for 48 hours, as the chemical bonds are still setting. If you wash your hair too early, it may effect the perm results. I'd also suggest getting your hair trimmed after a perm.

How long to wait after a perm to highlight your hair?

You have to wait 2 weeks after you get highlites to get a perm. You can also get your highlites 2 weeks after a perm.

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?

24 hours

How long do you have to wait to perm your hair after you scratched your scalp?

It depends on the perm you use a no-lye perm you should wait 24 hours a lye perm you can go as you wish.

How long should you wait to dye hair after a perm?

You should wait two weeks to color your hair after a perm to avoid hair loss. You dye Easter eggs. You color your hair.

How long after having a perm can you color your hair?

It's best to wait a few months before you colour your hair after a perm. If you don't, your hair will get brittle and start to break off.

How long after you dye your hair can you get a perm?

At least 2 weeks.

How long does it take to roll your hair for a perm?

About 45 mins.

How long does your hair have to be to get a s curl perm?

14 foot

How long do you wait to get hair highlights after perm?

2 weeks depending on how strong your hair is

How do you curl boys hair?

send them to get a perm or if they have long hair just curl it .. lol :)

How long after a permanent dye can you perm your hair?

you will have to wait for 1 week after the the hair color.

How long do you have to have your perm settle until you can use a straightener on it?

after the 3 days(wash your hair 1st)...your perm might not last as long but it will be fine

Do you perm your scalp when you get a perm?

no, just the hair.

How long should you wait to get hair relaxed after a perm?

Wait 6 to 8 weeks to get your hair relaxed after a perm, depending how fast your hair grows. It would also be best to get it done by a professional.

How long do you have to wait to condition hair after a perm?

36 hrs is safe.

Can you perm hair after lice treatment?

As long as you don't have lice anymore.

How long to put a perm in your hair after taken out braids?

About half an hour.

How long should you keep a perm in your hair?

10 to 20 min

How long should you wait to have a second perm on your hair?

Forever and ever

Swimming and then a perm?

Probably a bad idea. It will dry out your hair, and your perm will last for less time.This is if you swim after you perm your hairif you swim before, there isn't a problem. just get your hair washed before you perm it.

Can you put conditioner in your hair after a perm?

The standard answer is yes. Do not wash your hair for at least three days after a perm. The chemicals in the perm are still working for that long, and the perm will not last correctly if you wash too quickly. It is reccommended that you use conditioners to correct minor damage caused by the treatment.