How long green card holder live outside the US?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How long green card holder live outside the US?
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Is married to an American citizen but was deported how long does it takes to re-enter the Us?


What is Passport holder?

I live in the USA with a Green Card but am a citizen of the UK and a UK Passport holder. I am thus to the USA/US Immigration a foreign passport holder.

What rights do you have if you have a us green card and lived in the us?

As a green card holder staying in US you have the rights to live and work there. Apart from this you can also petition for your close relatives using Form I-130 for them to get green card. Above all after five years of being a green card holder if you are eligible you can apply for US citizenship.

How does US Green card holder live in UK?

how long a us green card holder live in uk Green card holders can travel abroad for a maximum period of 180 days on each trip. If you need to stay outside longer for employment or religious purposes you should apply for reentry permit using application travel document, the Form I-131 which is valid for 2 years. Also you can use the Form N-470 meanwhile to preserve residence for naturalization process.

Can a civil lawsuit hurt a green card holder?

As a green card holder you are legally a bound to the laws of that country you are residing in. For example if you vomit murder in the USA you are bound to the US laws. A green card means you are legally aloud to work and live in that country but also you have to pay taxes and abide to that countries laws. So just because someone is a green card holder doesn't mean he will be prosecuted differently. It cold hurt someone though if that persona tries to file for citizenship of that country.

You are a green card holder and will be applying for a US citizenship If you married a Chinese citizen who is living outside US and then apply for the citizenship together will she become a citizen?

She can get US citizenship right after the marriage. You'll have to get her a fiance visa and start the immigration process. After obtaining her green card (which usually takes about 2 years), she needs to live in the US for an additional 3 years. Then she can apply for US citizenship.

Will a green card holder be refused admission to the us for mental health?

If the person want to live in US he/she must be mentally injured... so they cannot refuse admission.

What is foreign passport holder?

I live in the USA with a Green Card but am a citizen of the UK and a UK Passport holder. I am thus to the USA/US Immigration a foreign passport holder.

You live in the US and have a green card do you need a passport to go home to see your mum in Canada?

in 2001 I was a geencard holder and had to apply get a tourist visa to visit Canada. hope this helps

If a green card holder gets deported from the US can he go to another country to live like Canada or London?

Well, firstly London isn't a country. But no, you'd need to apply for a visa that was for the country you wish to live in.

Do you have to live in Green Bay to be a Packers share holder?

No, you don't have to live in green bay to be a shareholder. I purchased my share of stock when I lived in Robstown Texas.

Can you live in the UK and have a green card but holiday in the US twice a year?

A "Green Card" is permanent resident card. By definition you can NOT live somewhere else. You can live in the USA and holiday elsewhere, but not the other way around.