How long has Zeus the Greek god been king of mount Olympus?

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since he defeated his father cronus and rescued his brothers and sisters from cronus's stomach. uw. they helped Zeus defeat him and he has fictionally ruled mt. Olympus ever since
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Where did the Greek God Uranus live on Mount Olympus?

Uranus represents the sky and with Gaea (the earth) he begot the next generation of gods and titans. One of those, Cronus, became the father of Zeus, who with his siblings cho

How did Mount Olympus affect the Greek Gods?

Do you mean what's the association of Mount Olympus and the Greek Gods?. If so, Mount Olympus is the mountain of which the Greek Gods lived on top.

Was Zeus the king of the Greek Gods?

Yes he was the king of the Greek Gods.. Zeus was king of the Olympians. The earlier Greek gods were the Titans, and Kronos (father of Zeus) was their king. When referring to

What Greek god did not live on Mount Olympus?

The were many minor gods that didn't live on Olympus. The only major god that didn't was Hades who lived in the underworld. It is also believed that Hercules didn't live on O

Why did the Greeks believe that gods live on mount Olympus?

The Greeks based all their beliefs on their imagination not based on science. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, so they believed that Zeus(supream ruler of the
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Why did the ancient Greeks believe in the gods of Mount Olympus?

Back then, people didn't have advanced technology to explain whatwas going on. The had no logical explanations, so came up withgods. They thought that gods caused natural disa
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Does Zeus the great Greek god take over Olympus?

he does, he is the god of all gods at Olympus. Zeus makes the orders around if he can't make that happen he brings out his lightning bolt when the gods see it they start to li