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since after the dinosaurs died out


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Bacteria were the dominant life-forms

It has been said that the clearest distinction between humans and lower forms of life is the inclusion of selfhood in the former.

Humans. (Its the answer for every ecosystem on earth)

Crinoids and ammonites were the dominant marine life forms during the Mississippian stage of the Carboniferous period.

flowering plants are the dominant plant life;humans convert open spaces to farm land

Like all known life forms, humans are carbon-based because of the unique chemical property of carbon to form complex molecules in the same temperature range as liquid water.

No life has been detected on Mars.

No. Humans only live on Earth. There is likely no life at all on Mars.

Yes, in common with all other life forms sharing our planet.

yes we have highly developed brains as the animals do not

there are many Dominant facts. Live a dominant life.

All life forms on earth are related. And, humans are more closely related to fungi than with plants!

So far, we have no knowledge of ANY life forms in the universe away from the Earth. However, with unknowable billions of stars in the universe, the likelihood of SOME kinds of life forms "out there" would seem to be pretty good. "Like humans"? Almost certainly not. We humans are the product of our evolution on Earth, and the accidents and happenstances of our development make us unique in the cosmos. Other life forms will have evolved differently from us, most likely VERY different from us.

the basic life forms such as humans, dogs, birds etc.

All you need for life forms (most simple forms) is amino acids. They have actually been created by scientists.

Unicellular plants and animals were first forms of life on Earth

No, they are not. Except for mitochondria. These organelles actually have their own DNA

What is the dominant plant life for the coniferous forest?

So far scientists have discovered no un human life forms. Humans can not receive oxgen on the moon.

They were long ago the dominant life forms on this planet

it has been used for life forms for bones and shells.

The (2n) sporophyte is the dominant life cycle for an angiosperm

Well, right know humans have been unable to do so with intelligent life forms, or at least show it to the rest of the world. However lots of methods have been tried to be put in use, all of them have failed so far. However different bacteria's found in other planets, can be considered alien life forms, although not possible to communicate with.

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! It is filled with chemicals, and other toxins that humans and any other life forms could withstand.

It has not been clear that there is alien life.

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