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Koalas do not live in Oceania. They only live on the Australian continent. Whilst there is no way to know exactly how long they have been here, it is accepted that they have been in Australia for many thousands of years.

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Q: How long have koalas lived in Oceania?
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Who lived in New Zealand And Oceania before the Europeans?

Natives lived there, They are still called the Maoris.

How does a koalas long claws halp them?

koalas long claws help them clam trees and to get eucalyptus to eat.

Do koalas have long fingers?

No. Koalas do not have long fingers. Their fingers are long enough and flexible enough to grasp hold of eucalyptus leaves, but they are not long.

What is Taylor Swifts's favorite animal?

Horses, Koalas, and cats. And she lived on a farm.

How long do koalas sleep each day?

koalas sleep upto 20 hours a day

Are koalas noctunal?

yes koalas are mostly nocturnal and can sleep as long as 18 hours a day

Where did the golden toad live?

* A golden toad is a toad that is now extinct and once lived in Coasta Rica

Are koalas like bears in the way that they sleep all winter long?

Koalas don't hibernate through Winter.

How long can female koalas live for?

14 years

How long before the young koalas are on their own?

Koalas stay with their mother for about a year, until the following year's breeding season.

Are koalas legs short or long?

yes, they do have short legs.

What are the long white hairs on Koalas ears for?

Keeping its ears warm.