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People have been recycling for years and hopefully in the future so the old things can become new things and trash dont pile up


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Q: How long have people been recycling?
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How long has recycling been around for?

Not long because it is a new system

How long has recycling been around?

more then 30 years

Does recycling create new jobs?

Yes it certainly does. A recycling plant has to have people who work the plant. Also, to make new paper, people have to run the tractors that take stacks of paper that gave been put in people's recycling bin into a big pile.

How long has recycling been a problem to the world?

it's been for almost 3years it's been more than10 years and know their beeing aware of it

How do people in Bangladesh recycle?

it's mostly poor people who recycle they sell the recycling items to people with recycling systems

What are people's views about recycling?


What does recycling have to do with human environment interaction?

Recycling is a good thing to humans because you are reusing that material. it is much easier for people to fix up something that has been reused than something new to create.

When did reduce reuse recycle start?

Recycling has been around for a long time, but most major environmental movements started in the 1970s.

How do people change the land?

By recycling.

Why do people not like recycling?


What do people have to say about why they disagree with recycling?

Some people do not recycle things as they do not earn money by doing so. People do not take the incentive to do so as recycling is just hard work for them. And sometimes people like to use the objects instead of recycling.

All recycling centers should offer free home recycling pick-up services so that more people will recycle.?

All recycling centers should offer free home recycling pick-up services so that more people will recycle.