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Q: How long have you been affected by the issue of waste water?
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How does a leaky faucet waste water if the water simply returns to the environment?

It doesn't waste water, but it does waste energy. The water coming out of your faucet is water that has been cleaned and filtered, which requires energy. If you waste that water, you are ultimately wasting energy.

What environmental issue is Ukraine and parts of Russia facing today How have the people of these countries been effected by this issue?

There is a lot of pollution and the people are affected by getting sick.

What places have been seriously affected by water pollution?


Where can you find a website that has a list of people and the beliefs that have affected their lives?

On there is an experience of someone whose life has been affected by their beliefs in almost every issue of the Watchtower magazine.

What is tampered water?

water that has been tampered with, has been affected by an outside element that changes its original qualities. Generally, water that has been tampered with was done so with a malicious intent.

What habitats in Mississippi have been affected by the gulf oil spill?

the water ones.

Over one million acres of North American forests have been adversely affected by?

acid rain That would not be entirely correct. Closer to 700 million acres are affected by the issue in North America

Why isn't the problem of water pollution not been solved?

The problem of water pollution has not been solved because the water pollution already in the water is being brought back by the water cycle. Also people continue to dump waste in the water.

Have crayfish been affected oil spills?

No. They live in fresh water. See related link.

How does mining pollute water?

The water used to flush the excess waste after minerals have been deposited is dumped in nearby lakes and rivers.

How would the controvoversy over slavery have been affected if the supreme court had ruled in favor of dred Scott?

The Abolitionists could claim that he was a special case. There would have been no big divisive issue.

Why do you have to pee so quickly after you drink water if what you are peeing out is urine which is blood that has been filtered through your kidneys not water?

urine is not blood, it is filtered water (which nutrients have been used for the body) and waste. water can not just stay in the body for days.