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all my life and because it is the only language I speak

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I've studied English for 7 years.

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Q: How long have you studied English?
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How do you say have you studied English?

"Have you studied English?" in Spanish is "¿Has estudiado inglés?"

What is the past tense of studied?

The past tense of study is studied. I want to study English when I go to college. I studied English when I was in college.

Where have you studied English?

College in NYC

What did ptolemy studie?

they studied writing and english language arts i believe.....i am 20% sure

Why finance should studied?

More importantly it seems like English should be studied.

What is taille etudiee in English?

Size studied

What is the most commonly studied foreign?


Can you tell me which is correct he has studied English in the school or he studies English in the school?

"He studies" in the sentence "He studies English in the school" is present tense. "He has studied" is past tense. "He will study" is future tense.

How do you say i studied french last year in English?

You would say "I studied French last year."

What does Estudie mean in English?

"Estudie" means "study" in English.

Can the environment be studied from a long distance away?

No the environment can not be studied from a long distance because they can not see noting.

Are there some people who studied spoken English?

Yes, there are.