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Read your contract. If it doesn't specify how long, most states allow the lender to sell after 10 days. Its NOT LONG any way you look at it.

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Q: How long in Texas do you have to allow after the repo to make payment of fees and amount due and how long do you have to bill for the amount due with fees?
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What does rebates mean?

to reduct or return an amount from a payment or bill

What does payment terms of Net 45 days mean?

It means the enitre amount of the bill is due within 45 days, from which the bill was invoiced.

When reviewing a credit card bill which amount must be paid each month?

The minimum payment due - is the amount which must be made each month. You can pay any amount over that - up to the whole balance owing - but you must at least make the minimum payment.

What is mean bill met on meturity?

It means that bill is cleared or payment is made when bill payment date arrived.

Don't Pay Late?

Save money by making your credit card bill payment as soon as you receive the bill in the mail or online. If you wait a few more days to weeks before making the payment, interest charges accrue daily for most accounts. This may just seem like a small amount, but over time it really can add up to a lot of cash. When you do make your credit card payment, always allow enough time for the payment to reach your creditor prior to the due date. Even when paying online, it will take several days for most payments to be logged as paid on your account. If the payment is received even a day late, late fees can be charged by your creditor. If you send a credit card bill payment by mail, try to allow at least 5 days for travel time for your payment to reach the creditor and to be posted as paid. Many late fees are around $30 to $40 each, and this could even be larger than the payment you were supposed to be making!

What is Minimum Payment?

The smallest amount of a credit card bill that a consumer can pay, to remain in good standing with the credit card company.

What is bill payment?

A payment of money for someting, e.g.dinner at a restaurant

How do you pay your Texas Life Insurance bill on line?

Different insurance companies provide different methods of payment and services. You will need to contact your insurance company in order to find out if this payment method is possible with your carrier.

What are some of the perks of using Texas Bank?

Some of the perks of using the services offered by Texas Bank, are free internet banking, quick and easy funds transfers, and online bill payment services.

Make an Online Credit Card Bill Payment?

Credit card users can go to their card company's website to make online payments with ease. This is an excellent way to save money on stamps, time writing checks, and to avoid possible late payment fees as well. To make an online credit card bill payment all the customer must do is register on the card company's website, providing bank account information and the amount to be paid. The card company will often allow the customer to set an alert that will email a reminder when the next bill is due. That is a great way to avoid paying any possible late payment fees because the payment will always be made on time.

Is net 30 payment from date of bill or receipt of bill?

from date of bill

What are some advantages on consolidating a credit card bill?

Some advantages on consolidating a credit card bill is that it may allow you to reduce your interest rates and lower your monthly payment. However, whether you should consolidate your bill depends on individual circumstances.

What are the procedures for an electronic bill payment?

The procedures for an electronic bill payment may vary by institution. The process is commonly putting in bank account information on the website and then submit the payment.

Never Miss a Credit Card Bill Payment?

It is possible to never miss a credit card payment by keeping a simple calendar of due dates. Use a big calendar in a handy place, like by the kitchen stove. When you get a credit card bill, open it and mark the due date and amount in red on your calendar. Always make a credit card bill payment on time. Missing by an hour can cost up to $40 in late fees. The best policy is to pay as soon as you get the bill, but keeping a calendar will help you never miss a credit card bill payment.

Does bill engvall live in Texas?

Bill has stated he owns a home it Texas.

Can a lender bill you through your escrow for your annual tax amount if they did not paid the taxes?

When that would happen you probably did not have enough in the escrow account to the taxes when the taxes were due. Usually an amount is taken from each monthly payment and added to the estimated tax amount that will be needed when they receive the tax bill and then they pay the tax amount out the amount that is supposed in the escrow account when the tax is due.

What does invoice mean?

request for payment i.e. billTypically a request for payment.

How could you use remit in a sentence?

When I remit this last payment, I will own my car outright.When you are ready to pay this bill, please remit the full amount to me.

What is the minimum payment on a hospital bill in Washington state?

The statement from the hospital or the hospital's account representative should contain that information. There are no laws which set a "minimum payment" amount for any debt, that is done by the creditor or the service provider.

Can you pay car payment online?

Depends on the bank. Most banks do allow auto bill pay online. Check with your bank and see if you can make payments online.

What is the entry for bill disconting dishonour?

The entry for a bill discounting to be dishonored is made when the drawee refuses to accept or make payment on the bill. It is dishonored by non-acceptance or non-payment.

What do you mean by invoice bill?

An invoice is a record of purchase and a bill is a document demanding payment of something, so an invoice bill would logically be demanding payment from a purchase of something.

If a medical bill was sent to an agency but they refused to take payment are you still held responsible for that bill?

A collection agency/creditor does not have to accept any payment amount rendered unless the terms were included in a written contract. The refusal of the agency to accept the payment does not invalidate the debt the full amount is still owed by the borrower/debtor. Call them and get more information as to why it was not accepted. Keep asking until you fully understand what the issue is. Be sure you get a paid receipt for your files once you get it resolved.

Where can one pay their Verizon Wireless bill online?

You can pay your Verizon Wireless bill online by logging into Verizons own site and going to the Pay Bill Page. You then enter the amount you wish to pay and choose one of the payment medthods that they have available.

What is the journal entry if the payment has not yet been received but clients were billed?

debit the client account (debtor account) and credit the income account (bill amount)