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it is 2 inches

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How long is the cricket bat?

a cricket bat is aproximatly three and one half feet long Robert

How long is a bush cricket?

Like this {---------------------------------------------} long

How long is a cricket test?

A cricket test goes for 5 days

How long was the longest cricket game?

Cricket started in england during the 16th century. The cricket of 16th century was diffrent from the cricket that we play today.

How long ago was cricket made?

Cricket was made in 1960's Or not...... looooooooool

Does cricket have long distance calling?

yes cricket has long distance calling. If you have the i think its $45 plan it's included

How is test cricket different?

Test cricket is 5 days long and is played against countries.

How long is a cricket bail in cm?


How long can a cricket live in a jar?

How long do crickets live in jars?

Was cricket played in reading?

Yes, Reading has a long history of playing Cricket. There are currently at least eight Cricket Clubs in and around the borough of Reading.

How long is a cricket pitch?

A cricket pitch, the distance between one set of wickets and the other, is twenty-two yards (20.1168 metres) long.

What are the main features of a cricket bag?

Some of the main features of a cricket bag are the long cuboid shape which can fit a cricket bat in it. They also have many additional pockets for other cricket accessories.

How is a cricket bat different hockey stick?

A cricket bat and a hockey stick varies in shape. A cricket bat has a short handle and a long flat head. A hockey stick has a long handle and a curves short head.

How long is the BBC cricket season?

The BBC cricket season runs from late April until early September.

How long is a cricket boundary?

65 to 90 yards

Which cricket position requires the most athleticism?


How long is the inning break in cricket?

45 mins

How long has Pakistan been playing cricket?


How long is a cricket pich in feet?

22 yards 

How long after a cricket pitch is laid can you play on it?

Immediately after

What is the Official size of a cricket field?

no official size of a cricket field pitch is 22 yards long,but the outfield varies

What is the length of a cricket rectangle?

It is called a cricket pitch not a rectangle. I am unsure from memory of length but its about 22ft long from stump to stump.

How long does it take for a cricket to molt?

The average cricket will molt in about three days. This marks the next step in its metamorphosis to an adult.

How long can a game of cricket last?

The longest game of International cricket is a test match which can last for a maximum 5 days.

How long would a odi game of cricket last?

An ODI match can take up to 6 or 7 hours of cricket :)

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