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about 63 days or so

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Q: How long is a female dog pregnant for before having puppies?
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How long do female wolves wait before having puppies?


What is the operation called to stop a female dog to having puppies?

Spaying is the procedure. If the female is in the early stages of pregnancy or is simply suspected to be pregnant, then it's an emergency spay.

Can a female dog have a false pregnancy after having a litter of puppies?

most of the time it does not happen but sometimes it does the stomach thinks it is still pregnant but it is not so that can be the sitiawation

How soon do you spay a female after having pups?

After her puppies are weaned.

When to spay a dog after having puppies?

what happens is you get it spayed before it has puppies and when it does have puppies you can't spay it

Mydog is having puppies and im pregnant is it safe for you to handle the puppies?

yes it is, you just have to be careful and wash your hands while handling the puppies.

When can you tell if your dog is having puppies?

after three weeks of being pregnant then you can start to feel the puppies kick. but before then she will start to get bigger and bigger. then finaly after 9 weeks or so out comes the pups!

When does a female dog stop producing milk after having puppies?

A few days after the puppies start devolping teeth ;)

Can a thirteen year old female dog still have puppies?

if she is still having seasons then in theory she could get pregnant but you should ABSOLUTELY NOT breed a dog of that age it would be dangerous for her and the puppies would most likely be unhealthy and/or deformed.

If the female dog is spayed and the male is not then will the male have the puppies instead?

What kind of stupid idiotic questions is this? What are you, two? Have you ever heard of a male getting pregnant and having puppies dummy? Geez...go take a sex ed class for retards!

What risks do female dogs have if they aren't spayed?

They risk getting pregnant and having puppies. Most cities have dog pounds that are filled with living dogs that nobody wants. Most of these dogs will be killed after a while. So it's better usually for female dogs to be spayed, so they won't have more puppies.

How does a female reproduce?

by being pregnant, or by having a baby

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