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First semester is usually from when school starts to Christmas break, and then rest of the year is the second semester.

Also two 9 week periods if your school does that.

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It depends what school you go to.

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Q: How long is a first semester for middle school?
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How long is a semester in middle school?

how long is a semester in middle school?Well , in Middle School , its from when school starts to The December , or Christmas , break . Or two 9 weeks if your school does that .Usually from the start of school to Christmas Break. Then January to the end of the school year. Or, a 'semester' can also be classified as 'Two 9 weeks" term.

How long is four semesters in middle school?

Going by conventional use of the term "semester", it would be two school years.

How long can you get suspended for a knife at school?

Well For Me I Took A Knife To School Around The End Of The First Semester So They Gave Me The Whole Second Semester At An Alternative School.

If i drop out of law school my second semester how long will i have to wait until i go back to law school?

If you drop out of school in your second semester, you may have to wait until the next semester to go back to school after passing the supplementary exams.

What is the best Middle School in Long BeachCA?

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How long is a term in school?

For an institution that operates on a regular two semester academic year, a term or semester would run approximately 16 weeks. A semester runs for 9 weeks

How long does it take a school refund check from Savannah Technical College to come in the mail?

4 weeks from the first day of the semester +/- (usually + up to a week)

When was Marshall Middle School - Long Beach - created?

Marshall Middle School - Long Beach - was created in 1952.

How long is Florida virtual school?

That might depend on what you take, I chose a 32 week semester, but Im pretty sure you can also take a 12 week semester.

How long has mattawoman middle school been open?

Mattawoman Middle School has been for about 15 years! WOW! That's a long time!

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How long does it take for law school grades?

Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of time, often a month or more. I have started a new semester and did not known what my grades from the previous semester were.