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Depends on the age.

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How big is a horned lizard?

the horned Lizard is about 5-6 inches long

How long can a horned lizard grow?

16 in

Is a horned lizard poisonous?

A Mexican Horned Lizard is

How does a horned lizard do its reproduction?

it has sexs with another horned lizard.

What is the height and weight of a horned lizard?

height and weight of a horned lizard

Types of lizerds would live in a desert?

Some lizards are the Roundtail Horned Lizard , Flattail Horned Lizard, Regal, Texas Horned Lizard and Shorthorned Lizard.

When was Horned Wood Lizard created?

Horned Wood Lizard was created in 1883.

When was Texas horned lizard created?

Texas horned lizard was created in 1825.

When was Giant Horned Lizard created?

Giant Horned Lizard was created in 1864.

What lizard can spit blood from the eye?

The Texas horned lizard and Coast horned lizard spit blood out of their eyes.

What is the average weight of a desert horned lizard?

how much does the horned desert lizard weigh

How long is an horned lizard?

They are between three and seven inches in length.

How big do horned lizards get?

Horned Lizards are relatively small. They grow from 2.75 inches to about 5 inches long. This is dependent on what type of horned lizard it is.

How does the sense of smell help the desert horned lizard?

the desert horned lizard eats eagles.

How do desert horned lizard look like?

desert horned lizard have spikes all over their body to protected themselves. like animals that eat desert horned lizard

What is the Name of a horned lizard?

•Common Name- Coast Horned lizard Binomial name- Phrynosoma coronatum

How big can a horned toad lizard get?

A Horned Toad Lizard can get to about 6 inches or mabey 8 inches

How do horned lizards eat?

horned lizard eat ants

How long does it take for a horned toad lizard to mate?

As long as he needs to finish his business. Leave him alone.

Why does the horned lizard live in a desert?

The desert horned lizard is not able to adapt to cold conditions. That's why it lives in the desert.

What two poisonous lizards are only found in Arizona?

Gila monster and the desert horned lizard. Answer The Horned Lizard is not poisonous.

What is the gestation period for a eastern short horned lizard?

The eastern short horned lizard has a gestation period of 3 months.

What is a tapaya?

a tapaya is a horned lizard

What is texas's reptile?

The horned lizard.

Is horned lizard carnivore?