How long is a joey cared for?

Joeys are the generic name for the young of any marsupial. Marsupials are characterised by giving birth to very undeveloped young, unlike placental mammals. The joeys are blind, hairless and must stay attached to their mother's teat for several months while they continue the development that placental mammals have in the womb.

Depending on the species, joeys may stay in the pouch for a few weeks or a few months. the larger marsupials keep their young in the pouch for longer.

Some examples:

  • Koala joeys stay in the pouch for 6-7 months.
  • For the animals most commonly recognised as kangaroos (e.g. Red kangaroos and Grey kangaroos), the average amount of time the baby kangaroo, or joey, stays in the pouch is about 7 - 8 months.
  • The antechinus may keep its joeys in the pouch for only five weeks.
  • Sugar gliders joesy stay in the pouch for around 3 months.