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How long is a night on Mars?

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12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

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How long was Bruno Mars arrested?

1 night

How long is night on Mars?

An apparent or solar day on mars is 24h 39min and 35sec, so a night on mars will be 12h 19min and 47sec on average. A bit longer than on earth.

When and by who was Mars discovered?

It has been obvious for as long as humans have looked at the night sky.

Does Mars go cold at night?

mars does go cold at night

What is the length of a night on Mars?

The length of a night on the planet Mars is about the same as a night on Earth. A full day on Mars is about 24 hours and 40 minutes. A night would last about 12 hours on Mars.

What objects are in the sky on Mars at night?

there are not any in the sky in mars at night discovered

Does Mars have day and night?

mars does not have day and night and an faboulous interesting fact mars can fart in a year mars farts 779 times

Why can you see mars shining like a star at night?

no i can not see mars shinning at night.

What is night like on Mars?

It is night like Earth.

Can mars be sawed at night?

yes,itcan be seen at night.

Why does Mars show at night?

Mars acually doesn't show at night. it is the moon and in a certin position it apears to be red.

What night can you see mars?


Why is mars visible at night?

It was decriminated

Can mars be seen at night with out a talescope?

Mars and most of the other planets, yes.

Can Mars be seen at night without an telescope?

Yes, Mars can be seen at night without a telescope. It's a "naked eye object".

How long did it take the phoenix Mars lander to get to Mars?

a long time

Why is there daytime and night time on mars?

good question, the answer is as earth spins on an axis mars does so it has day and night just like earth!

How many hours at night time on mars?

because mars is quite close to the sun and it rotates to;so it allows there to be day and night on mars:) hope i helped Edit: Mars has a solar day (24 hours on Earth) of about 24 hours and 39 minutes. If night and daytime were of equal length that would give a night of about 12 hours and 20 minutes. However there's a lot of variation, just as there is on Earth. It depends on the seasons and the latitude mainly. Mars is quite like Earth in its axial tilt, but its "year" is nearly twice as long. So the seasons will be similar, but longer.

Why does temperature change drastically from day to night on mars?

Is there any life in Mars

When are you able to see Mars?

We can see mars and other planets at night as it is very dark.

Why is there day and night in Mars?

Mars rotates about it's axis, so if you were to stay at close to one point on mars for a martian day, then for half the day you would face the sun(day), then later on when mars had rotated round, the part of mars you were on would not be facing the sun(night).

How long will the Mars rover be on Mars?

For ever!

How long is the river in Mars?

Mars has no rivers.

How cold is mars at night?

-124.6 Fahrenheit

Can mars be seen with a telescope at night?


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