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Q: How long is a painted turtle pregnant?
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How do you figure out what kind of turtle you have if the turtle is about 4cm long they are green and yellow with a spotted belly and they have green eyes?

That type of turtle is called a spotted turtle, and the are endangered, or it is a painted turtle and it is most likely a painted turtle.

How do know if your painted turtle is a girl or a boy?

this is the real answerthe boy turtle has a long tail and long nails, the girl turtle has a short tail and short nails (I Have Four Painted Turles)

What is the length of a painted turtle?

52 meters long

How long can a painted turtle hold it's breath?

I have a northern painted turtle that just held its breath for 11 min 8 sec.

What is michigan's state reptile?

the painted-turtle

What is the painted turtle's niche?

The Ankylosaurs is said to be the Painted Turtle's niche.

Is a land turtle the same as a painted turtle?

No, a land turtle is not the same as a painted turtle because: Land turtle is well a land turtle and painted turtles can be both in land and water. They have different names They Look different

Where can you find a painted turtle in Alberta?

You can find a painted turtle in southern Alberta!

What does a painted turtle do?

Act like a regular turtle except it's painted.

How big is a painted turtle when it's born?

A female painted turtle weighs about 500 grams. A male painted turtle weighs about 300 grams.

How long can painted turtles stay underwater?

Paint does not affect how long the turtle can stay underwater..

If the painted turtle is 3 or 4 inches long is it a baby?

No, a painted baby turtle is only the size of a quarter as hatching, the size of the turtle has really no reference to size! Size if composed of age and food supply. a painted turtle is like a red eared turtle which can get up to 8-10" in size depending on the food / environment they are raised in