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That depends on the species of turtle.

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How long can a sea turtle grow to be?

about my 500 feet high pool

How big is the biggest turtle?

THE BIGGEST TURTLE IN LENGTH IS 73 INCHES AND ABOUT 275 POUNDS. the biggest turtle is actually almost 9 feet long and 2,016 pounds.

Can you drop a turtle six feet and it hurt them?

Why would you drop a turtle? But my best guess would be yes. Turtles are generally small so six feet is a long fall. Hope this helps.

How big will sea turtles be?

Most are only 2-4 feet long, but the leatherback sea turtle can be up to seven feet long and five feet wide, up to 1300 pounds!

What differences would you expect to see between the bodies of a sea turtle and a land turtle?

Well,that is easy the body of a sea turtle has flipper like feet with long sharp nails I would know because I have one.The body of a land turtle has feet like sea turtles but not flipper like.

Turtle- what is the length of a turtle?

4 feet Actually it depends what type of turtle, how old it is, and if it is sick...

How long can a green sea turtle?

Green sea turtles are usually about four feet. Some can be bigger.

How big is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle?

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle is massive. In fact, they can grow to 800 pounds (364 kilograms) and 3.5 feet (1.1 meters) long.

What size is a leatherback sea turtle?

6footThe leatherbaack Sea turtle is the biggest kind of reptile living in the Sea. It can get up to 6 feet long.abot 3ft

Why does your turtle has swollen feet?

If your turtle has swollen feet, or any feet at all, there is a good chance it is a tortoise. Tortoises live on land and have feet; turtles live in the water and have flippers.

Can a turtle kill a python?

If the turtle is 4 feet tall and knows karate.

How big can a sea turtle grow?

a sea turtle can grow up to 8 feet in length and 3 to 5 feet in width

How big can turtles get?

Largest turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle measuring 6.5 feet (2 m) and weighing 1,400 pounds (636 kg). THEY can get upto 12 inches long.

Are sea turtles weaker or stronger than a desert tortoise?

a sea turtle is stronger. a sea turtle can grow up to 8 feet long and are some of the fastest swimmers in the ocean.

How does an eastern box turtle travel?

how do box turtle travel? how do box turtle travel? they travel by feet smart one!

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