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How long is big foots foot print?

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big foot's foot is about 20 inches.

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the big foots foot ranges from 14 to 18 inches

Yes. It is true to say that the big foot exits in the world.what is the best evidence today that big foots exist

None. Their is no suck thing as big foot. You have to face the fact that he is fake.

Around 5 feet in diameter

No, but El Chupacabra does!

wyndsors world of shoes

it all depends what you think are 'big feet'

The prints reported to be Big Foot prints have measured as much as 20 inches long.

it is 12 inches long = 1 foot.

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it can be about 1 foot long to 60 feet long!

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Half an inch to a foot long!

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as long and big as masons head and adnans foot

They are mythological like big foot.

About 1 foot long. the tubing is around 2ft long.

Big foot's foot print was found in 1958 in Bluffy Creek Valley in Humboldt which is in California County by a construction worker named Jerry Crew. So big foot was first seen in California.

It is 39 feet long with a 49 foot wingspan.

They have feet up that are 4 inches long.

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