How long is gunpowder good for is there a expiration date?

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gunpowder never expires but it doesn't work if it's wet
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How long is Prednisone good after expiration date?

Answer . In general adminstration of expired drugs is not recommended. The expiration date on most drugs does not mean that afterwards the drug will be toxic, but the percentage of the active constituant will decrease below the effective level, Except in few cases, drug can actually be harmfull ( Full Answer )

How long after the expiration date is a canned food good for?

There is no magic date. It will depend on the quality of the food to begin with, the quality and type of container and the subsequent handling and storage thereof. Even canned, food will degrade and change color, texture and flavor. I have used some items that were a year past the coded date. They w ( Full Answer )

Expiration date on canned goods?

Each manufacturer can have their own coding system. The code in the discussion area could be interpreted many ways, but the only way to know for certain would be for you to contact the manufacturer or distributor listed on the can's label.

How long are canned biscuits good after the expiration date?

Expiration date only!!. There is a chart that shows how long it is safe to store all food items. You have to be careful with anything that has yeast. It has bad effects after the use by date. Make sure ALL cake mixes and pancake mixes are ( Full Answer )

How long after the expiration date is food good?

Most of the time, foods don't suddenly go bad the day after the "expiration date". Use your own best judgement. If the texture is different, the appearance looks odd or the odor is off, don't use it. When in doubt, throw it out.

How long past expiration date are bratwurst good for?

Not long. . Is your epiration date really a "sell buy date?" Often meats we buy are. Check the package. Then you probably have about 2-3 days.. My grandma always said, "if in doubt throw it out."

How long is Biaxin good after the expiration date?

I would not take an expired antibiotic as its potency decreases based on storage conditions and other factors. This leads to development of resistant bacteria in the body. Best option is the discard the expired medicine.

How long is meat good after the expiration date?

It isn't. That's why it's called an "expiration date." Eating it past that date could be harmful, and you risk getting a disease such as E. Coli.. If the food was stored properly as indicated on the package, the food is good to eat quite long after the expiration date. The expiration date is simila ( Full Answer )

Is ham good after the expire date if frozen and for how long?

If it has been frozen the whole time yes. If the expiration or best-by date was for fresh product, freezing it extended the shelf life. There is no risk of bacterial growth at 0°F, but cured meats don't last as long in the freezer as you would think due to flavor changes. Use the ham within 1-2 m ( Full Answer )

How long is Italian dressing good for past the expiration date?

im pretty sure its gud for forever...however food quality will decrease giving it an unfavorable taste If its a creamy dressing, like ranch it should b thrown out probably soon after or immediatly when the date says. Edited by anonymous: I just want to agree with the above statement. I've been ( Full Answer )

How long is can soup good past expiration date?

if it is pass the expiration date then throw it away and buy a new can of soup. You don't want to get tummy aches from it and it's BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. =)

How long is yeast good for after expiration date?

That depends upon the type of yeast - fresh compressed cake, active dry or rapid-rise. If you are talking about the fresh compressed yeast cake, I would not plan on using it after the expiration date. The activity may be too little and you'd be wasting your time and ingredients. I have stored rap ( Full Answer )

How long is Albuterol good after expiration date?

They can last forever. The only problem with using them past the expiration date is the longer the inhaler goes past the expiration date the less effective the medication will be.

How long is velveeta good after expiration date?

Velveeta does not use an 'expiration' date. Its 'Best when used by' date is a guideline for when the productmay begin to lose quality under average storage conditions. I would use the unopened product up to a year after this date.

How long are ham good for after expiration date?

if it smells bad or looks funny toss it out. ham however is one meet that stores well for a long time. if sealed and refrigerated it could be eaten well after the expiration date. a safe time is not exact but certainly a week or two it should be OK. frozen ham can last over one year. a true caned ha ( Full Answer )

How long is tessalon good after expiration date?

It's not! Medications are given expiration dates based on how long they have been proven to contain the active ingredient at a certain percentage. Although many medications simply become less effective past the expiration date, there are several medications that may become toxic and dangerous once p ( Full Answer )

How long is Boost drink good for after expiration date?

I just drank a Boost that expired February 1, 2007. Nearly 5 years later it tastes exactly as it's supposed to. I would guess the nutritional value is still the same, and since it's sealed I don't see how it would go bad. Consistency is perfectly normal, too. Drink up!

How long is unopened mayonnaise good past the expiration date?

The date on the mayonnaise is likely not an expiration, but a "bestby" date. The concern would not be food safety, but food quality -since the pH of commercially prepared mayo should not support thegrowth of pathogens, but the fats could be rancid. If the jar isstill properly sealed and just a few d ( Full Answer )

How long is Aleve good after expiration date?

I wouldn't advise taking it after it has expired, though, I doubt it's dangerous. The main reason there is an expiration date is because after a certain amount of time the medicine loses potency and doesn't work as well as it had originally.

Is cereal good after the expiration date?

Well, on the day after the expiration date, it should still be OK to eat. Just don't wait a week or so to eat it again because it will turn moldy and sticky .

How long is cottage cheese good after the expiration date?

Not long. Cottage cheese is low in fat, (like yoghurt), and high in water, so it's keeping qualities are similar as to yoghurt. A solid cheese (like cheddar) is primarily made of fat and very little water, so it is really well preserved and will keep for a week or two beyond it's use by date. Cottag ( Full Answer )

Is ham good after expired date?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

How long is Celebrex good for after expiration date?

It is never advisable to take medication after its expiration date. The medication may no longer be effective, or you may experience side effects. If in doubt about medication, speak to your doctor or pharmacist or contact the company that produces it.

How long in cheddar cheese good after the expiration date?

It depends on how it's stored, but it won't go off the momentthe date turns midnight. It will deteriorate with time, but themost likely thing is that once opened and cut, it will dry out. Itmay also attract mould - I simply trim the mouldy bits off. . + . Incidentally, "expiry" is a shorter and ra ( Full Answer )

How long is xanax good after the expiration date?

I would not use it as it breaks down chemically. Take your unusedexpired prescriptions to any local pharmacist, preferably your own;they have programs to dispose of unused meds. Your city or countymay also have information on safe disposal locations. DO NOT FLUSHmedications down the toilet or dispos ( Full Answer )

How long after expiration date are eggs still good?

0 seconds. Once something expires it is done for. Eating expiredfoods can present health risks and as such they should only beeaten in desperate situations of starvation (I will assume youaren't starving to death). I suggest you discard the food. If your frugal I know how it feels, try to eat food ( Full Answer )