Decade - 1980s

The 1980s was the decade that started on January 1, 1980, and ended on December 31, 1989. The most notable events in the 1980s include the election of US President Ronald Reagan (1980) and the space shuttle “Challenger” disaster (1986).

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Children's TV Shows
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Decade - 1980s

What are some interesting facts about the 1980s cartoon She-Ra?

She-Ra’s Origins. The spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, this show was designed a bit differently than its predecessor. While the first show was based off of the Masters of the Universe toy line by Mattel, She-Ra: Princess of Power was designed in collaboration between the toymaker and Filmation Associates, who animated both shows. She-Ra’s target audience was a young female crowd to compliment the young male viewers of He-Man. However, She-Ra was still designed with toy lovers in mind, as a way to boost the sales of Mattel’s Barbie dolls. The plan actually seems to have worked, as Barbie sales topped $350 million by 1986, about a year after Princess of Power began its syndicated run.

Beloved by Both Girls and Boys. Despite the intent to be an aid to Barbie sales, She-Ra was preferred by more kids. In a survey of children, She-Ra was voted “most likely to hold back tears.” Girls liked her assertiveness while Barbie was seen as more passive. And boys liked that She-Ra was smart and strong, while they disliked Barbie for focusing on material things, like her Dream House.

Almost on the Big Screen. The titular character was almost featured in the 1987 Dolph Lundgren adaptation Masters of the Universe, but director Gary Goddard decided he would feature She-Ra in the sequels. But of course, the live action series never got its sequel.

Hey, that looks familiar! Many shots in She-Ra: Princess of Power were actually recycled from He-Man in order to save money, as Filmation’s animation style operated very much under the mantra of “quantity over quality.” Kids didn’t really notice the reused assets though, so this helped the studio make a lot more money off of the cartoons. And if you recognize certain sound effects, that’s because they reused effects from 1978’s Battlestar: Galactica.

Mattel actually purchased a rival, Sheera. This really wasn’t a rival so much as Mattel wanting to make sure they had their bases covered. Barbara Hambly’s fantasy novel, Ladies of Mandrigyn, featured a character named Sheera. There were no real similarities other than the name, but Mattel paid her $25,000 just in case.

She Almost Had A Second Career. In 2006, there was some talk of reintroducing the character, but rebranded as a rock star. Fans were outraged at the idea of replacing She-Ra’s sword with a guitar. The idea never went anywhere, but She-Ra has returned into popular culture through the production of Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Respecting the Character. The series’ writers found that creating action scenes for She-Ra was even more frustrating than with He-Man because not only did they have to minimize the violence, but they also had to contend with what they considered sexist pressure against the idea of a female hero. The titular character design includes a skirt, but it never flies up, despite her acrobatic prowess. An executive producer specifically asked the animation coordinator to make sure that the character’s modesty was kept intact.

The Influences Continue. Just like its predecessor’s original concept, She-Ra was heavily influenced by George Lucas’ Star Wars. The cartoon’s major conflict is about the Great Rebellion fighting to free the land of Etheria from Hordak, very similar to the main theme taking place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Consider this as well: She-Ra and He-Man are twins, just like the characters of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

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Decade - 1980s
Decade - 1990s

What is the value of old 'Playboy' magazines?

1980's and 1990's magazines are not worth much. Too many are still around and in circulation. If you were planning on selling them on eBay or something, consider doing it as a lot, not a single magazine at a time.

History, Politics & Society
Decade - 1980s

What major events occurred on 19-07-1989?

United Airlines flight 232 originating out of Denver headed for Chicago's O'Hare airport experienced a catastrophic structural engine failure that cut through all three redundant hydraulic systems on the plane making it virtually impossible to fly. Only able to execute left turns and gain and decrease altitude and speed through pushing and backing off the throttle controls, the flight crew crashed the plane on landing at Sioux City, Iowa resulting in the deaths of 111 of the 296 people on board. In spite of this, the fact that so many lives were saved was a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the cockpit crew that day.

Joe Carter, playing for the Cleveland Indians, had hit three home runs in a single game for the fourth time in his career.

Former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Donnie Moore shot and killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide. He was despondent over a pitch he threw to Dave Henderson of the Boston Red Sox in the 9th inning of a playoff game that would have sent his team to the 1986 World Series. Although, the home run did not decide the game, he would be haunted by it the rest of his life.

The Very Reverend Michael Mayne, Dean of Westminster Abbey, announced that the ashes of Sir Lawrence Olivier would be buried at the Abbey at poet's corner.

Decade - 1980s

Popular sports stars in the 1980's?

Micheal Jack Schmidt played for the Phillies in 1980 and helped them win the world series as a third baseman

Baseball History
Decade - 1980s

Who hit the most home runs in the 1980's?

== Home runs== This answer may surprise you, but here's the top 5 (from 1 D Murphy ATL OF 308 2 M Schmidt PHI 3B 280 3 E Murray BAL 1B 254 4 D Evans BOS OF 222 5 D Strawberry NYM OF 215

History of Canada
Decade - 1980s

Who was the man to run across Canada with one leg?

There are two. 1. Terry Fox. He had cancer (osteosarcoma), got his leg cut off and got an artificial leg. He ran to raise money and help people who suffer from cancer. Terry Fox did not actually run all the way across Canada. He was forced to stop his epic quest at Thunder Bay, Ontario due to chest pains/breathing difficulties. It turned out that the cancer had spread into his respiratory system. He died within a year.

2. The man that actually ran the entire distance on one leg was Steve Fonyo who was inspired by Terry Fox's example and completed the journey a few years later.

Rock Music
Decade - 1980s

What are the best rock albums of the 80s?

Fire of Unknown Origin by the Blue Oyster Cult is the best album of the 80s with songs like Burning for You, Joan Crawford, Veteran of the Psychic Wars, and Fire of Unknown Origin.

The second best album of the 80's is Blizzard of Ozz which includes songs like Goodbye to Romance, Crazy Train, and Mr. Crowley.

The third best album is Rough Cutt by Rough Cutt. The songs Never Gonna Die and Piece of My Heart are great songs.

Decade - 1980s
Primary and Elementary School
Brooklyn NYC

What is the history of PS 106 in Brooklyn?

I lived at 248 Cornelia St. right across from the school and I know that when my father went to it as a kid it was supossed to be torndown and my father would have been 82 this past month. I remember that when the weather was cold we had recess in the dungeon like basement and when it was warm we went out to the school yard. I think that the building was made of red sandstone. Every Tuesday and Thursday were assembly days and we had to wear a white top, red scarf or tie and navy pants or skirts. If you or Melissa want to know more let me know.


I attended P.S. 106 from the 4th grade through the sixth grade. However, in the 1947-48 school year my class did the 5th and 6th grade in one year which resulted in my starting the 7th grade at age 11.

I remember the courtyard but most of all, I remember the attic. Our teacher, Miss Helen Rutledge would take us up there on rainy or snowy days and we would have "music appreciation".

The walls were lined with pictures of musical instruments and in one corner of the room was a large victrola (that's right - victrola). Miss Rutledge would play various pieces of classical music and ask us to listen and identify what instruments were being played. Some of the songs I remember are Barcarole, Humoresque (by Dvorak), Swan Lake, Night on Bald Mountain, Moonlight Sonata - and more. I owe my appreciation of classical music to that lady and to that experience since I had never heard classical music at home.

I also remember many of my classmates names - Rosemary Schultz (my first girlfriend), Benedict Martino, Duane Bosling, Etta Koeing, Frances McGowan. Hey, as I look back on it, it was one of the best and most fruitful learning periods of my life.

Explorers and Expeditions
Decade - 1980s
Decade - 1990s

Who is John kingsley?

Found the answer at John Kingsley has travelled extensively, lived with many indigenous people in various parts of the world and has learned the skills that such peoples have used and in some areas still use to sustain their way of life. He is recognized as an authority on counter-revolutionary warfare and has advised major corporations the world over on how to mitigate such risks. By A Customer After the tragedy of 9/11, and in its aftermath, it is surely only a matter of time before we will have to confront and deal with the actual event of bioterrorism. We have been told it is coming, so its not an 'if' but a 'when'. Many feel such an event will herald the end of civilization, and with good cause, perhaps. Read this book and, more than ever before, you will know that there is every real potential for survival - not just of the fitest or privileged - but for all of us. Uplfiting, confidence building, and undoubtedly the most valuable and easy to comprehend - and action - instruction book I have ever read. Sounds interesting!

Decade - 1980s

Is generation y 1992?

1992 is part of generation y, since generation y starts between 1982-1995.

Decade - 1980s

Was there a Kool Jazz festival in Atlanta in the 1980's?

In the 1980's, the Kool Jazz Festival was held in the city of Atlanta at the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. The Jazz Festival is now held in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio every year.

St. Louis Cardinals
Decade - 1980s

Did Ovidio Maldonado play for the St. Louis Cardinals during the early 1980's?

yes he did

Jazz Music
Decade - 1980s

How has music changed since the 1980s?


I will list the ways music has changed from the eighties!!!

  4. DJ's are more involved in the popular music of these days.

AND i definitely think that it is a good thing even though i did enjoy the old music i cant judge other music of the language or pace i judge by its MUSIC, not words or who sings the specific song. I think music is music!! I think music has not gotten sexier or rude. I have to admit it has gotten more violent than it was!!

Well that's my opinion bAbii...lOvee

music has been chaged by the economy by technology and the teenagers changing what the think of things.

in the baroque times teenagers would be happy to listen to the same music as adults but now they like to be different and don't enjoy the same music.

Also, "hair metal" and "glam metal" have died out in terms of popularity.


Just like technology moves with the world peoples since of personal style have made a new path for different genres of music.

Business & Finance
Decade - 1980s

What were 1980's oil prices?

you can check Bloomberg for answers. What kind of oil do you mean?

Decade - 1980s
Decade - 1990s

Which bengali actor played the central character in the TV serial naqab which was shown in doordarshan in the late 1980's or 1990's?

Anil Chatterjee is considered as one of the best actors to have emerged in the Bengali cinema during the early fifties. Mostly remembered as a character artiste par excellence, he also gave strong performances in leading roles within the limited opportunities he got. Anil Chatterjee was born on 25th October 1929. After completing his school studies in Delhi, he came to Kolkata and got admitted in the famous St. Xavier's College where he came in touch with Utpal Dutt, an alumnus of the institution. Soon he joined Dutt's theatre troupe and performed in some Shakespearean dramas produced and directed by Dutt. These early forays into stage would leave a deep impression on Anil and his screen presence had a theatrical quality that was brilliantly exploited in many films which are now considered as classics.

Houston Astros
Decade - 1970s
Decade - 1980s

Where can you find the rosters for the Houston Astros to get a list of all the players from the 1970s and 1980s?

Click on the 'Houston Astros' Rosters' link on this page to see the rosters of all Astros team from their inception in 1962.

Football - American
Dallas Cowboys
Decade - 1980s

What position did Brian Polowski play for the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-1980s?

He is not on any of the rosters for all of the 80's. === Correct; in fact, according to the official Dallas Cowboys Media Guide, no one by that name has EVER been on an active roster for the Cowboys. If you know someone who claims to be a former Cowboy, call his bluff and ask him for proof! Don't be surprised if he can't produce any (and no, claiming that he "tried out" for the team does not make him an ex-Cowboy!).

Football - American
Pittsburgh Steelers
American Football History
Decade - 1980s

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks in the 1980's?

These quarterbacks appeared in at least one game for the Steelers in the 1980s:

Terry Bradshaw

Mark Malone

Cliff Stoudt

David Woodley

Scott Campbell

Bubby Brister

Steve Bono

Reggie Collier

Todd Blackledge

Rick Strom

US Presidents
US Constitution
Decade - 1980s

Who was elected president between 1980-1990?

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)
Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
George HW Bush (1989-1993)

Decade - 1980s

What are some events that happened during the 1980s?

Ronald Reagan was president of the United States from 1981 to 1989. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. John Lennon was assassinated. Ted Turner started CNN.

Decade - 1980s

Pierce brosnan project of the 1980s?

Remington Steele

Decade - 1980s
US Constitution
Industries and Professions

What effect did the Staggers Rail and Motor Carrier Act of 1980 have on the rail industry?

Public demand for a better rail system caused Congress to take action and pass the Staggers Rail Act, which has resulted in rail profits and improved service.

History, Politics & Society
Fashion Design
Decade - 1980s
The Difference Between

What is the difference between fashions in the 1970s and the fashions in the 1980s?

The difference was the 1970's fashion trends were still similar to the 1960's trends (the "British Invasion" and "Flower Child" Hippie looks), while the late seventies' and eighties' fashions changed to include a 'rainbow' of new fashion statements. Many of which were influenced by Disco dancing and movies about Disco dancing.

Women in the 1980's started wearing "BIG" hair styles. While in the 1970's hairstyles for women tended to still be more natural, as in the 1960's and "Hippie" styles. In the 80's, the new trend for men's hairstyles was the "why-did-they-do-that?" mullet. See the link on this page to the Rate My Mullet web site for photo examples. Even some women adopted that style of hair once it became popular. As the eighties progressed, women's hair continued to get bigger and stiffer and men's hair started to trend toward shorter and slicked back with gels like the characters in "Wall Street", at least the ones who could wean themselves from the mullet (that has taken decades for some, however).

1980's pants for both sexes were trending toward being worn really tight and close at the ankles instead of the Hippie and 1970-style bell bottom jeans. Baggy sweatshirts for women, cut to open the neck and worn off the shoulder like in the movie Flash Dance were popular, as were the leg warmers from the same influence in the '80's. The leg warmers were worn in summer as well as winter over the tight pants legs or with mini skirts. Women used scrunchies in their hair (often to match the leg warmers), and wore them on their wrists to "keep track of them for use later". Boy George was a fashion icon for both sexes in the mid to late 80's, too.

Men often dressed in brightly colored polyester leisure suits, many with vests for a three piece suit look, with platform shoes, like John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever,starting with the big Disco dancing trend in the 1980's. Or, instead, they wore "left-over hippie clothes" from the 60's and 70's with long hair, ripped jeans, and those plaid flannel "lumber jack" shirts.

But, all that said, generally speaking, the style in the 80's was more 'polyester', while in the 70's it was overall more 'natural'.

Actors & Actresses
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Crime TV Shows

Who plays Jennifer Edwards-Hart in 'Hart to Hart'?

Stefanie Powers [b. November 2, 1942] plays Jennifer Edwards-Hart in 'Hart to Hart'. Her husband, Jonathan Hart, is played by Robert Wagner [b. February 10, 1930]. The television series ran from August 25, 1979 until May 22, 1984. There was a total of 110 episodes.

United States of America
Decade - 1980s
United States

What us city has the highest murder rate in 1988?

Albany, Georgia, believe it or not. I'm still looking for that rate.


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