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It's not normal to bleed at all, the idea that you should bleed the first time is a myth.
It is possible to bleed any time you have sex if it is rough or forced, but there's nothing about the first time specifically that would mean that you would have to bleed at all.

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Q: How long is it normal to bleed after losing your virginity?
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How long after losing your virginity do you usually bleed?

Yes. It's very normal.

How long should you bleed after losing your virginity?

It varies from female to female, but should be no more than 2 days.

When do you bleed after losing your virginity?

If you do bleed it will be straight after sexual intercourse and it is caused by the small flap of skin near the vaginal opening known as the hymen ripping. It will cause slight discomfort but it shouldn't bleed for long.

How long should your vagina hurt after losing your virginity?

it will hurt for at least a mouth

Does a woman bleed directly after losing her virginity?

The idea that there is some sort of barrier that has to be broken is as exaggerated as it is widespread and long lived. It's very common that there isn't any blood at the sexual debut.

Are you still a virgin if your boyfriend tried to enter you with your panties still on?

Yes, you are still a virgin. As long as your hymen is intact, you are a virgin. Everyone's meaning of losing their virginity really changed. Losing your virginity means doing ANYTHING sexual. So yes, technically you lost your virginity. But in the 20th century, the meaning of virginity has differed alot.

Is it normal to bleed for a long time when first going on the pill?

Four or five days is normal.

Can you be fingered or finger yourself without losing your virginity?

Yes, so long as you don't have sexual intercourse, you'll remain a virgin.

Is it normal to bleed for a long time with camila birth control pills?

This is normal because everyone adjusts to birth control differently. Some people will not bleed at all while others might bleed the whole time they are on the medication.

Is it normal to have bleeding for very long time?

it depends what you are bleeding from. if you have a nose bleed then it shouldn't bleed for long. if it is a paper cut it shouldn't bleed long. usually if you treat the wound correctly depending on what it is the bleeding should stop within a couple of minuts. it can be bad to bleed for a long time, even fatal

How long should you bleed if you miscarried?

around as long as one of your normal periods i didnt bleed after my d and c but they told me it could last up to 5 to 7 days

Is during sex his penis does not go in the Virgina are you still a virgin?

You can call it sex, but it is not sexual intercourse which is the definition of losing your virginity. As long as a penis does not go into a vagina, the definition of a virgin remains. To lose virginity, penile penetration has to occur.

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