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Roundup is dangerous if ingested by an animal no matter how long ago it was sprayed. However, if you are using it for an area where your pet will walk but not ingest it, it is recommended you wait until the roundup has fully dried before allowing your pet into that area. The active ingredient in roundup that can be dangerous while wet is glyphosate, and if a pet does come in contact with it they may drool, have stomach upset, lose their appetite or become sleepy.

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Is roundup weed killer safe to use around animals?

Definitely not.

Best plant killer?


What is a good weed killer?

Roundup is my favourite

What are the ill effects of the weed killer Roundup?

The ill effects of the weed killer Roundup include toxicity to fish, frogs, humans and possibly to nearby roses.

Does roundup contain alcohol?

Roundup is a weed killer. No, it does not contain alcohol. It contains a poison called Glyphosate.

How do you kill driveway grass?

Weed killer like Roundup.

Will roundup kill your grass?

Yes it will. Roundup is a non selective weed and grass killer so if you spray it on your grass it will die.

Does roundup hurt the soil?

Most varieties of Roundup have no presence in the soil, the only effect what they come in contact with. The exception to this would be Roundup Brush and Ivy Killer and Roundup Extended Control, both of which have a soil residual.

Is Roundup a poison?

Roundup is actually a Weed and Grass killer. When applied according to the label instructions, it poses no health risks to people or pets.

When can you safely eat your tomatoes after spraying it with bug killer?

that depends on what bug killer you used and at what concentration

What is in roundup?

Roundup Weed and Grass killer contains glyphosate (2% in its Ready To Use form) It also contains a soap like surfactant that helps it to adhere to the weeds better.

Can you plant new grass seed after using roundup?

Yes you can. You would need to wait about 7 days after using the roundup to plant seed. If you have roundup extended control, you will have to wait 4 months. If you have used Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer, wait 6-8 weeks.

How do you remove wasps?

kill them by spraying insect killer or deoderant on them, or buy a swatter.

Will roundup kill blueberry bushes?

Yes, Roundup Weed and Grass killer will kill almost anything that is green and growing. It will only kill the bush however if it is applied directly to the plant. Regular ready to use Roundup will not move through soil if it is applied around the plant.

How soon can you grow in the same soil that has been treated with roundup?

In most instances you can plant in areas treated with RoundUp 7 days after using the product. The only exception would be if you used Roundup Extended Control (then you would have to wait 4 months) or Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer (wait 6-8 weeks)

What animals eat killer whales?

Other killer whales.

Is the killer whale heterotroph or autotroph?

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How does a killer whale interact with other animals?

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How do you kill spreading roots that are threatening the house structure?

Use "Roundup". Its a weed killer. They claim it kills the root. Wear safety gear.

Will roundup kill flowers that's still under the ground?

Roundup is made to be a topical plant killer--you spray it on the leaves and that and sunlight kill the plant. If you want to keep seeds that are in the ground from germinating, you would use a pre-emergent weed killer. Put this down on your yard before a rain or water it in, and you should be weed free for a few months.

What is the number one killer of animals?

The shelter system (Dog Pound) is the number 1 killer of animals in the United States.

What animals eat Killer Bees?

Humans and other animals

Is roundup spray deadly to horses?

While the chemical that is active in Round-up is not considered harmful after it has set for a few hours, the surfacant (makes it stick to the leaves of a plant) is known to cause problems. The directions for Roundup usually say to allow 24 hrs before turning animals back out. Round-up is a Herbicide, it doesn't kill things with blood in them. I've sprayed Round-up hundreds of times and it has not harmed my animals. But what most people do to stay on the safe side is take their animals out for a while when the use weed killer. Hope this helped! :)

Can you lay sod after spraying round up extended control weed killer?

Yes, but you should wait 3 days.

Are there any bad effects from using roundup weed killer?

Roundup has some positives (i.e. it breaks down once inside the plant it kills into fairly innocuous substances), but before then it can harm good plants instead of bad ones if misapplied and also hurt animals, children, or others who come into contact with it or if it is stored improperly. Such chemicals should be a last resort after nonchemical attempts have been exhausted.

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