How long is the GED Test?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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== The battery of five GED Tests takes 7 hours and 5 minutes to complete. In some areas, you must take the entire battery of tests in one or two sittings. Other places permit you to take a single test each time you come to the testing center and may offer testing in the evenings. It may take up to several weeks for your scores to be reported back to you. Check with your state, province, or territory's contact person for GED testing to find out about testing procedures in your area.

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This really depends on your education level. The test itself itakes around 5-7 hours to complete. For GED testing centers, fees, requirements, practice questions, GED news and blogs, please visit: To locate your nearest GED testing center:

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Q: How long is the GED Test?
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Can you test out of the GED exam in Texas?

You can't test out of a test. Taking a test is taking a test. If you meant can you test out of school with a GED, the answer is yes, as long as you're old enough (depends on your state). To locate your nearest GED testing center:

Is the GED test harder than the practice GED test?

yes I think the ged test will be a lot harder

Is there a GED test in Chinese?

e can I do the GED test in China?

Is the pre GED test for passing the GED?

The GED Prep is the preparation work you need to do before you take the GED Test. The GED Prep includes all the learning, study and revision. The GED Test is the actual exam you sit at the end to find out your results.

What is the GED science practice test and how is beneficial?

The GED science practice test is a practice test used to prepare you for the science portion of the GED test. If you pass the GED test you earn the equivalent of a high school diploma.

when and where can i take the ged class and then the test?

Most Community Colleges offer the GED classes and then the GED test afterwards.

When is the next GED test date and when is the deadline to apply?

When is the next ged test

How easy is the GED?

If you are prepared for the basic subjects of a GED test, then the online GED test should be very passable.

want to get ged on line can you help me?

You can learn all you need to know to get your GED online, but you must take the official test at a testing center. The GED Academy provides practice tests, online tutoring and more to assist you in getting your GED. It costs $289, but you can make monthly payment, take as long as you need to get ready to test, and you get your money back if you fail your GED test. Check it out at

Can you inlist in the marine corp if you only have a GED?

Yes, as long as you pass the ASVAB test.

What GED classes do I need to take?

The test is named the same way. It is called a GED test. This GED test is composed of five separate test sections dealing with writing, social studies, science, language arts reading, and math.

What is a IE form for a GED test?

a booklet on the ged form