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Hello, it would take you approx 25.5 hours of non-stop driving to reach your destination. A grand total of 1626 miles. (city limit to city limit)

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Q: How long is the drive between Houston Texas and Toronto Canada?
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How many road miles from Houston Texas to Toronto Canada?

The driving distance from Houston to Toronto is 1,574 road miles.

What is the mileage distance from Houston Texas to Toronto Ontario?

distance from Houston to Toronto

What is the time difference between Toronto Ontario and Houston Texas?

Texas is one hour behind Ontario.

What is the time difference between Houston tx and edmondton Canada?

Edmonton, Canada (MDT) is one hour ahead of Houston, Texas (CDT).

Distance between Calgary and Houston?

The straight line between Calgary in Canada and Houston-Texas in USA is 2,832 Km. or 1760 miles.

What is the time difference between Toronto and Texas?

Toronto is almost always one hour ahead of Houston and two hours ahead of El Paso.

Distance from Texas to Toronto Canada?

From Fort Worth Texas to Toronto Ont is 1230 miles

How many miles is it from Midland Texas to Toronto Canada?

Distance between Midland, Texas, United States and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as the crow flies: 1472 miles (2369 km) (1279 nautical miles)

Distance Calgary to Houston?

It is 2,115 miles between Calgary, Canada and Houston, Texas. The estimated drive time between these locations is 34 hours.

How far is it from Ontario Canada to Houston Texas?

From the US/Canada border it is 1,525 miles to Houston.

How long it takes by bus from Toronto to Houston Texas?

37 hours

How many hours does it take to fly from Toronto Canada to Corpus Christi Texas?

Toronto, ON (YTO) to Corpus Christi, TX (CRP)Shortest Flight Duration * 5 hours 25 mins * Via Houston George Bush Intercontinental Ap, Houston (IAH)

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