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Barcelona (BCN) to Cardiff (CWL)

Flight Duration 2 hours 0 mins

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Q: How long is the flight from Barcelona Spain to Cardiff Wales?
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What is the cost return flight from London to Cardiff wales?

The cost of a return flight from London to Cardiff Wales will depend on the cost of flights at the time of booking. It is best to purchase a flight well in advance to avoid a higher fee.

How many hours is the flight from London to Cardiff wales?

Flying time from London (City Airport) to Cardiff International is twenty minutes. This flight used to be operated by Air Wales, but is not there any more as the airline has closed down

Is Cardiff 1 of Wales?

yes cardiff is the capital of wales

Is Barcelona in the Barclays Premier League?

No. Barcelona is in Spain and they play in La Liga. The Premier League is in England and Wales.

What nationality is the last name Cerda?

Mexican- Indian. -The Surname (last name) Cerda derives from Spain and Wales. Cerda is a derivation of the word Cardiff, as in Cardiff, Wales. The name Cardiff(e) eventually changed to Cerda with the early and ancient Celtic migrations from Wales to Spain. Many families and individuals who migrated from Spain to Mexico and the U.S. dropped the "de la" part of de la Cerda.

What country is Cardiff in?

Cardiff is in Wales, which is in the UK :)

When was Cardiff chosen to be capital city of Wales?

Cardiff was proclaimed the capital of Wales in 1955.

Is Cardiff in the north of wales?

No. Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, in located in the South of the country.

What is the largest city in Wales?

The largest city and capital of Wales is Cardiff, population about 317,500.This is Cardiff, on the Southern coastline.

Where is Cardiff castles location?

Cardiff Castle is located in Cardiff, Wales.

How do you go from London to wales?

Depends where in Wales you want to go... Trains can be taken from London to Cardiff in the South, or through Bangor and Holyhead in the North. You could also make an internal flight to Cardiff. Or drive, or take a bus.

What is the capatol of Wales?

The capital of Wales is Cardiff

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