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How long is the flight from San Francisco to Seoul Korea?

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2011-09-16 23:48:09


San Francisco, CA (SFO) to Seoul (SEL)

Shortest Flight Duration 12 hours 10 mins


The distance between San Francisco and Seoul, Korea is 5613

miles (9033 km).

To make a minor correction Seoul does not use airport code SEL

for Seoul, namely because the original airport just outside of

Seoul was Kimpo (airport designation GMP) and once air traffic

increased after the Seoul Olympics, a bigger international airport

was built in Incheon, South Korea which sits about 45 miles

south-west of Seoul (airport designation ICN) and has been used for

international use since 2001.

As for the length of flight it varies: with good tail winds I

have encountered flights just under 9 hours via Asiana Airlines but

when I travelled with United to cut costs it took over 11 hours

(major turbulence on the United Flight whereas the Asiana flight

was quite steady). So the 12 hours is slightly above average since

in all my travels to Korea it's been around 10 hours.

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