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How long is the flight from australia to Fiji?


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The flight time between Australia and Fiji is approximately 5 hours and 56 minutes.

The distance is about 2,888 miles.

Flight time and distance depends on which airport you take, the speed of the plane and the flight weather conditions.


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The flight distance from Brisbane, Australia to Fiji is 1,719 miles / 2,766 km.

A typical flight between Perth, Australia and Fiji would have a flying time of about 7 hours, 56 minutes.

The flight distance from Fiji to Australia is 2,927 miles / 4,711 km

The flight time is 3 hours, 26 minutes.

how long from Australia to Fiji

A typical flight between Fiji and Melbourne, Australia would have a flying time of about 4 hours, 50 minutes.

A flight from London to Fiji takes about 21 hours.

Approximately 9hours 30minutes if the plane is transiting through Australia.

The flight time from Fiji to Tuvalu about 1 hour, 20 minutes.

The flight from Sydney to Nadi Airport in Fiji is between 3.5 and 4 hours.

It is a 10 hour flight from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji Islands

It takes a 10hr straight flight from Incheon South Korea to Nadi Fiji.

The flight time is 11 hours.

Since Fiji is more far away from Heathrow to Australia, Australia takes 24 hours to get to, so I could see it being 26 hours maybe....I don't know, just an estimate.

The flight time from Brisbane in Australia to Fiji is approximately 3 hours and 43 minutes. The total distance is approximately 2788.03 km or 1732 miles. This flight time is approximate. Factors such as weather conditions could affect the flight time.

The flight time from San Francisco International Airport to Fiji is about 10 hours, 53 minutes.

No, Fiji is in Asia, not Australia.

The flight time is 2 hours, 45 minutes.

A typical flight between Thailand and Fiji would have a flying time of about 11 hours, 33 minutes.

Fiji did not migrate to Australia. Fiji stayed exactly where it is.

From California to Australia is about a 15 hour flight.

The flight time would be around 3 and a half hours.

The flight time is approximately 14 hours, 48 minutes.

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