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How long is the state budgetary period?

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2 years

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How long is the Texas state budgetary period?

Two years.

What is budgetary offer?

A budgetary offer is an estimation of expenses to expected to be used in a given period. It has to be itemized and it done as a proposal when seeking for financing.

In the State of Maryland how long after a divorce does one have to wait to remarry?

There is no waiting period in the state of Maryland

How long is the grace period for returning a used car?

In my state, there is a 7 day grace period for anything.

Advantages and limitations of budgetary control?

One advantage of budgetary control is the fact that managers can control spending. A disadvantage to budgetary controls is that it may limit innovation.

How long must you wait to remarry in Washington state?

No waiting period.

How long do the creditors have before they no longer can put a claim in on the deceased?

That time period varies state by state. You need to check your state laws.

How long after death can a creditor present an outstanding bill against an estate?

That period varies from state to state. You would need to check the provision of your state laws.

How old does a debt have to be in va before a creditor can no longer place a lien on your accounts for it?

That time period varies by state.That time period varies by state.That time period varies by state.That time period varies by state.

How long after your birthday do you have to get tag renewed?

In your state, if the tags expire ON your birthday, THEY EXPIRE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! No state that I'm aware of offers you a 'grace' period.

What is a non budgetary barrier that hinders the creation of new policy initiatives in US politics?

Interest group influence is a non budgetary barrier.

How long can someone pursue a debt on the estate of a deceased person?

That period is governed by the statutory limits in your state.

Once a tax lien is filed in the state of Nevada how long do you have to wait to file bankruptcy?

There is no wait period.

Do you need a drivers license for the state you live in?

This law varies from state to state but generally: You must change to the state you are living in within a set period. If you take up or claim permanent residence, this period is generaly not long. People like snow birds get almost 6 months.

What is correct spelling budgetory or budgetary?


How long is the embryonic period?

How long is the embryonic period in humans?

When a car is repossessed how long does the credit union have before they can sell it and how long do they have to give you to pay the past due balance?

It depends on the laws in your state. What state are you in?? The previous answer was right on the money. It all depends on the state. For instance, in AZ, there is a 10 day cure period. If you don't get right with the lender in those 10 days, they can sell the vehicle. It also may depend on your contract that you signed. The state may have no cure period but your contract may say that there is a 15 day period. Check your state laws and your finance agreement.

How long is the supervised driving period on an examination permit?

Supervised driving periods vary state to state. Local Department of Motor Vehicle offices can provide specific state guidelines.

6 Differentiate between Standard Costing and Budgetary Control?

Distinction Between Standard Costing And Budgetary ControlAlthough budgetary control and standard costing both are based on some common principles; both are pre-determined, comparison will be made with the actual costs and both system need a revision of the standards or the budget, these two systems have certain differences which are as follows: 1. Budgetary control deals with the operation of a department or the business as a whole in terms of revenue and expenditure. Standard costing is a system of costing which makes a comparison between standard costs of each product or service with its actual cost.2. Budgetary control covers as a whole in terms of revenue and expenditures such as purchases, sales, production, finance etc. Standard costing is related to a product and its cost only.3. Budgetary control is applicable to utmost all business organizations. Standard costing is applicable to manufacturing concerns producing standard products and services.4. Budgetary control is concerned with a specific period and is based on the totals of amounts. Standard costing is concerned with the standard costs, which are worked out generally per unit of production.5. Budgetary control is not based on standard costing system. Standard costing cannot exist in the absence of a budgetary control system.Posted Syeda Humaira Fatima

Which agency provides congress with information for making budgetary decisions?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides Congress with information and analysis for making budgetary decisions.

What are the immediate and long term effects of pilot testing under tight budgetary constraints?

check ur ukzn outline book for research methodalogy

Is there a period after state abbreviations?

No, unless you are ending a sentence with a state abbreviation, you should not put a period after it.

How long is the justation period for dogs?

How long is the justation period for dogs?

What is budgetary control system?

dont knnw wllhe

The budgetary unit of an organization which is led by a manager who has both the authority over and responsibility for the units performance is known as?

This budgetary unit is known as the control center.

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