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senators serve a 6-year term


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The term for a U. S. Senator is six years.

A term for a US Senator is 6 years.

A term of a senator is 6 years.

a us senator serves a term for 6 years

Six years for a Senator in the United States.

Six years is the tenure for a U.S. Senator .

Because every senator is senator for the same senate, no matter what state, their term is always two years.

There is no term limit for a senator. A senator may remain in the senate as long as he keeps getting reelected.

In the United States, a senator's term is 6 years.

A senator's term of office is 6 years, and there is no limit on the number of terms a senator may serve.

The term of a US senator is 6 years. There is no limit to how many consecutive terms a senator can serve if re-elected.

A United State senator can serve a 6-year term -Earl Lane

three times as long as that of a Representative

A senator can serve in the United States for a 6 year term each time they are elected. There is no term limits for senators.

The term for a Florida state senator is usually four years. A senator can only serve for two terms consecutively which will add up to 8 years.

A US Senator serves for a 6-year term and can be reelected an unlimited number of times.

It is as long as the president vouches the power of the house of representatives.

He served one term as a U.S. senator, after having served three terms as an Illinois state senator.

Senators serve a 6-year term.

The term for all US Senators is six years.

When you are elected as a US Senator you serve a 6 year term. You then have to be re-elected for another 6 year term to continue.

6 years is the length of the term of a US Senator. A person elected to the US Senate is called a US Senator. A "state senator" is one elected to the upper chamber of a state legislature. In my home state of Washington, the term for a Senator is 4 years. The length of the term varies by state.

Senetors have 6 year terms.

A term for a state senator in Connecticut is two years. However, they can be re-elected unlimited times for two-year terms.

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