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it does depend on what you mean by long. But usually its about 3-7 days.

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Q: How long is your period?
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How long is the embryonic period?

How long is the embryonic period in humans?

How long is the justation period for dogs?

How long is the justation period for dogs?

Is stint a short period or a long period?

a short period.

What was a long period of peace?

The long period of peace was called the Pax Romana

How long a girl have their period?

The average period can range from about 4 to 8 days long.

How long does female dog's period?

as long as a girls period from 3 days to a week

How long is a period in football?

A period in football is called a quarter and is 15 minutes long.

How long is gestation period for a puma?

The puma's gestation period is 91 days long.

what the definitions of a long period of time when there is no rain?


What is the difference between a short and long period comet?

Short period comets have a period of less than 200 years Long period comets have a period of more than 200 years.

What is the period of a 0.85m long pendulum?

The period of a 0.85 meter long pendulum is 1.79 seconds.

Why does a period stay on so long?

A period stay on for so long because of environmental changes.

How long is to long to have your period?

14 days

How long is the period of time between your first period and your second period?

28 days

How long is each period in college basketball?

Each period in college basketball is 20 minutes long.

How long does a Irish bull terreir stay on your period?

how long does a Irish bull terreir stay on her period

How long does it take to ova late after your period goes off?

how long after your period goes off you ovalate

How long do pugs have there period?

a pug has there period for about 21 days

Can you drink beer when your period is on?

Sure, as long as you period on my face

How long can you have your period while being pregnant?

When pregnant, you do not get your period

When do you get your period after a d and c?

How long does it take to get your period after dnc

How long will a period last?

you period last for 5 day

Why is your period so long?

Your period is probably long because you are not on a regular sycle yet. Everyones body is different.

How long is a Arctic fox's gestation period?

The gestation period of the arctic fox is 51-54 days long.

Which term refers to the condition of the atmosphere over a long period - weather or climate?

Long period is climate.